‘Hands-Free’ Law Effective July 1 Reminds Georgia Police Officer

Hands-Free Law Effective July 1 Reminds Georgia Police Officer
Georgia 'hands-free' law reminder goes viral.

A video uploaded by an alleged Georgia police officer is going viral. In the video, self-proclaimed peace officer, Sheldon Herbert, reminds residents of the peachtree state of the ‘hands-free’ law going into effect July 1. Herbert explains to the viewers what the law means and the restrictions in place with the deployment of the new law.

In the video, Herbert is in uniform and driving as he explains the ins and outs of the new law. He elaborates that under the ‘hands-free’ law, drivers are allowed one touch on their cell phone but the phone must be properly mounted so as not to distract or hinder driving.

“You can do a ‘one-touch’ per the new law,” Herbert says. “You can touch your phone one time if it’s mounted – like mine is – to answer a call, or to hang up a call.”

The new law criminalizes the holding of a cell phone for any reason while driving. Your hands must be free to control the car. Cell phones may be mounted and drivers are allowed to answer or hang up a call under the ‘one-touch’ stipulation of the law. The law also places restrictions of using GPS on the phone while driving and sitting at a red light.

“If any officer sees you with a phone in your hand, you’re going to get a ticket,” Herbert warns. “That includes at red lights.”

The law states that drivers must pull completely off the road when they need to use their phone for any reason other than phone calls.

“You literally have to be pulled off of the road, in a parking spot, with your car in park to be able to text somebody or to have your phone in your hand,” Herbert says.

The Atlanta cop cites road fatalities as the reason for the new law. According to Herbert, 64 percent of road fatalities in Georgia in 2018 are tied to the lack of use of seatbelts or distracted driving through the use of cell phones. The statistics don’t pinpoint however the fatalities tied JUST to distracted cell phone use.