Federal Agent Pleads Guilty to Taking Pictures in University of Wisconsin Women’s Restroom

Man arrested after taking photos in UW residence hall restroom

Federal Agent Pleads Guilty to Taking Pictures in University of Wisconsin Women's Restroom
Federal agent accused of taking pics in women's restroom pleads guilty.

A federal agent arrested in December for taking pictures in a women’s restroom on the campus of University of Wisconsin has pleaded guilty this week to the charges. 27-year-old Justin T. Fahy was arrested after police say he took photos in a women’s restroom on the University of Wisconsin campus. Campus cops took him into custody after responding to Witte Residence Hall on a Friday afternoon.

According to NBC 15, Fahy slipped his phone under the restroom stall and took photographs of a woman in the stall. The woman said Fahy identified himself as a Special Agent at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). Fahy told the woman the entered the wrong restroom by mistake.

“He explained to us there was a misunderstanding and he had mistakenly went into the wrong restroom,” said Marc Lovicott, the communications director for UWPD.

Surveillance footage showed that Fahy was cognizant of that mistake racking up a total of 14 minutes in the women’s restroom. A search warrant obtained by campus police revealed that Fahy attempted to delete the evidence from his phone.

“He had recently reset or backed up his phone to a previous time this year, indicating to us that he was trying to get rid of evidence,” Lovicott said.

Following his guilty plea, the former federal agent was sentenced to 12 months probation. He is also required to undergo a psych eval as well as counselling.

Fahy was terminated from the ATF following his arrest and banned from the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Campus security is reviewing the current policy in place where the first floor of the residence hall is a common space and open without need of a school ID during certain hours.