Arkansas Pastor Calls Hell & Heaven a “Fairytale” No Different from Santa Claus

To believe in Hell means you have to believe in Santa Claus.

Arkansas Pastor Calls Hell & Heaven a "Fairytale" No Different from Santa Claus
Popular Arkansas Pastor Timothy Rogers Calls Hell a 'Fairytale' No Different Than Santa Claus.

Arguably one of the most popular pastors/singers in Arkansas, Timothy Rogers, is stirring up trouble with “old timey religion” by saying hell is a “fairytale” like Santa Claus at a funeral. The 38-year-old servant of God made his comments during an hours long sermon at the funeral of a young man he claims he did not know.

The Blytheville Prince of Peace pastor said:

“Is he (the young man who passed) going to hell? Did he accept Jesus as his …? See, y’all have been sold a lie. You’ve been bamboozled. All that stuff is a fairytale. To believe in hell means you have to believe in Santa Claus. I don’t care how you cut [it]. Hell is an imaginary place. And I was told that if anything does not have an explanation, it must be imagination. So that’s why you can talk about a hell that you don’t know nobody went to. For a billion years ain’t nobody ever came back and told you that they were hot. For a billion years, ain’t nobody ever came back and told you that they up in yonder singing around a choir. I didn’t come for you to agree with me. I know how to lay it out to y’all salted but I don’t care. I didn’t come for you to agree with me.”

And as he continued the audience hooted and shouted with approval Roger’s message. The Arkansas pastor explained life was a gift freely given by God to do as you please. The Bible was given as a set of instructions on how to live life successfully. The choices that we make in our own individual lives is what creates our heaven or hell experience.

“Hell is what you create,” Rogers declared emphatically. “That’s why when you read the Old Testament, hell wasn’t under the Earth. When you read the Old Testament, heaven wasn’t beyond the sky. Heaven was in the Garden of Eden. Heaven was Canaan.”

Arkansas Pastor Calls Hell & Heaven a "Fairytale" No Different from Santa ClausRogers did however warn the congregants that his message would be coming from his soul and not something summarily prepared. He didn’t want to disrespect the generation with outdated and “ancient literature”. Rogers explained that he was no scholar or professor but merely a man who has preached the gospel for the last 20 years. He was a student of the Bible. According to Rogers, the church has failed this generation by regurgitating Christian fantasy that mostly benefited only the ones who run the churches.

“I know you’ve been talking to your grandmama. You’ve been talking to your auntie. You’ve been talking to your pastor and you’ve been talking to all these religious people who comfort you with vain words. We do it to kids all the time when we want them to shut up. We’ll feed them a fantasy. ‘Cause I don’t want to fix what’s wrong with you. I just want you to shut up. So in order to get you to shut up, sometimes I have to feed you imagination,” the Arkansas clergyman said.

“The church don’t want you to address what’s really wrong with you. They just want you to be quiet, sit down, and act nice. You want a baby to be quiet? Just tell them Santa Claus is coming to town. Only until their eyes come open and they realize that Santa Claus has never come to town. I didn’t come to feed you a lie today. I came to feed you the truth.”

Rogers urged people to break the shackles  of the illusion of heaven and hell and to focus on live better lives as instructed by the Bible.

“God didn’t give you a Bible to send you to heaven or hell. He gave you a Bible to give you instructions. You can either make your life heaven or you can make your life hell. Look at your neighbor and say ‘Use the instructions,'” he belted out.

While many pharisees denounced Rogers, Bishop Carlton Pearson came to his defense. Pearson lost his megachurch 15 years ago for declaring there was no Hell but has continued to share his message. Netflix recently released a special about the bishop. Pearson said he understood the backlash Rogers was facing and said that he and many others support his message. Pearson argued that the concept of hell in its inception was a means to manipulate people in a way that is “worse than Hitler.”

Rogers’ response to the mounting furor has been nothing but thanks. He thanked the millenials for supporting him and reaffirmed that all he sought in his walk with Christ was truth.

“I just want truth. I don’t want anything else but that Truth sets me free,” he said.