Indiana Cops Respond to Viral Video of Sketchy Police Encounter

Dyer police respond to viral video of controversial police encounter.

Indiana Cops Respond to Viral Video of Sketchy Police Encounter

A video posted to Facebook by Dmani Brown is calling out Indiana cops, in particular Dyer Police Department, for mistreatment of a group of black men pushing a truck. According to the Facebook post, Brown and a group of friends were attempting to push his truck out of traffic and into a gas station parking lot when police arrived on the scene. Instead of providing assistance, the officers allegedly began to interrogate the group of men as if they suspected them of committing a crime.

Dmani wrote:

“My truck broke down and my friends came to help me push it to the gas station. While at the gas station waiting for the tow truck we were stopped and frisked because the undercover police officer said we ‘looked suspicious.’ My brother was placed in handcuffs because he verbalized his disapproval of the illegal search. Things have to change in Dyer, Indiana please make this go viral.”

Since posting the video, it has been viewed over 600,000 times and shared more than 20,000 times. The video itself did not capture the beginning of the interaction. The video begins with the group already with their hands against the SUV at the BP gas station while officers pat them down.  The video pans away from the group momentarily, then pans back to reveal one of the men in handcuffs seated against a police cruiser. The video ends with four men free but one man still seated in handcuffs as an officer enters the patrol vehicle.

The Dyer Police Chief, David W. Hein, released a statement Friday evening saying, “Dyer Police Department is aware of the video that was posted depicting a portion of the encounter. Our department constantly reviews the actions of the officers in order to maintain the highest quality of law enforcement. We work collaboratively with the community and remain transparent. At the conclusion of this encounter the officer assisted in pushing the vehicle further into the parking lot and offered further assistance with the vehicle if needed. There were no tickets issued or arrests made.”

NWI Times reached out to Dmani Brown but were unable to get any comments.

According to the chief, NO arrests were made and NO tickets were issued. What the chief was not able to explain or clarify was the reason why one of the individuals was in handcuffs. There were no indications of resisting or being uncooperative. There were no warrants. A crime was not committed. Despite that, one of the individuals was forced to rock the silver bracelets in front of  onlookers and the world because of social media.

The chief disavowed any mistreatment by his officers affirming that everything went by the book. If the allegations are credible, disagreeing with police will have you in cuffs… and that is procedural, by the book.

Maybe it’s time to change or rewrite the book that cops in Indiana use to police the community.