Love: A Figment of the Modern Imagination

Does love really love you?

Love: A Figment of the Modern Imagination

Love, at least in its modern state, is an allusion, a false reality fabricated by the powers that be. Social engineering has played its part in the perception of love and because of that most people, including the younger generation, have a warped concept of love. In fact, it would be safe to say that most people don’t even seek love, even though that is what they claim. Instead I argue that based on the screwed up idea of what we believe love is supposed to be and look like, people don’t seek love but rather seek an intimate validation of their own existence and reality.

It is evident in many of the descriptions that people ascribe to it. Many laud how it makes them feel with that being generally the biggest descriptor to their definition of amor. Very rarely does one say that they adore someone or that the emotion is real because of what they can contribute or offer up to better the partner. Majority of people look to how “love” makes them feel, how it supports their perspective, how it bolsters their beliefs and self esteem. Rarely is it used as a factor to one improving themselves, unless in the sense of trying to appear better in the eyes of someone you have feelings for. Even in that respect, your love is selfish. It’s not about the other person. It’s about you feeling good about you and where you are in life.

Love: A Figment of the Modern ImaginationI don’t speak from a position of scorn or disdain. Moreso, I speak from a position of experience and realization. As I get older and experience new things, see from outside the box, and a hell of a lot of introspection, love has eroded into a selfish need for acceptance for who you are and appreciation for what you are. Love may indeed come and go but what is left after it has been stripped is self.

Recently, several celebrities have taken their own lives out of desperation and a feeling of inadequacy and worthlessness. No one who truly believes in their worth and their ability to spark a significant change would do such a thing. No one with an expressed and clear purpose would take that route, unless of course they’re a suicide bomber but we’re not talking about religious zealots. We’re talking about the everyday average human being looking to make an impact, a ripple in their pond of life. Many are starved for acceptance, validation, appreciation, and love. Many have bought in to the processed perception of love rather than the organic version. Because of that distorted view, many feel they fall short of that which they seek so badly. The failures mount up and the depression adds up along with it. Inferiority becomes more than just a word as we fall victims to our own shortcomings and let downs.

The first step towards love is not about you. It’s not does this person complete me. It’s not does this person agrees with me. It’s not about ME. It’s about you. It’s about your existence. It’s about your dreams, passions, goals, desires, and more. From a biblical standpoint, God created man/woman and despite the fact that ALL creation was made to glorify Him, as is the common refrain in churches worldwide, mankind fails in their love and yet he presumably still provides through his natural blessings. The sun still rises and sets. Rain comes and goes. Fruits and veggies abound and animals continue to walk the earth. One could argue that His love for us is not about Him but about us.