Trump Administration & Dept. of Education Support Defrauding Students of College Degrees and Money

Trump Administration & Dept. of Education Support the Defrauding Students of College Degrees and Money
Donald Trump & Betsy DeVos

College. The thing most parents tell their kids they have to go to after they graduate high school. They argue that without it, you won’t be able to get a good job, be financially successful and more. College is supposed to be the bastion of higher learning where you learn specific functions to be able to make it out in the real world. For a very long time, it seemed college was not only the right decision but the ONLY decision.

Over the last decade there has been a rise in privatization of various industries under the banner of “competition” better known as capitalism. The education industry has seen its effect as the almighty dollar continues to TRUMP human decency and the common good of all. We see that in the switch from public schools to charter schools. We see that in the for-profit colleges. We see that even in the curriculum that is implemented such as the Common Core program.

In the rise of capitalist greed opportunists abound and ruin a theoretically good thing. Such is the case of for-profit colleges. Colleges such as Phoenix University, Devry University and a host of others has fraudulently saddled students with debt without being able to provide even a substandard education. The scams were so prevalent the Dept of Education under the Obama administration had to set a group of individuals aside just to investigate the claims. Millions upon millions of dollars ultimately had to be paid in settlements and several of these “schools” were shuttered. Protections were put in place to ensure those looking to further their education and become more competitive in the job market were not being exploited by green-eyed opportunistic sadists like Trump University which Trump settled just before his election.

Making the education market safer seems like the most conscientious thing to do right? Wrong! The Trump administration and the Dept of Education under Secretary Betsy Devos are putting corporations’ desires for capitalistic gain above the needs of people to leverage their education for higher paying jobs. Much like the Citizens United debacle that treats corporations like everyday citizens, the needs and wants of the corporations come before the needs of the people….. but without the people, where would these corporations be???? Empty like a Trump casino.

In an article this week, The New York Times reported that a special investigations team at the Education Department created in the final year of the Obama administration had been unwound under the Trump administration, effectively killing inquiries into DeVry and other schools where top hires of Ms. DeVos previously worked.

Yes you heard that correctly. Mrs DeVos hired top school officials from the same for-profit colleges that were under investigation to fill her “cabinet”. One such character is Julian Schmoke. HE directed campus operations at West Georgia Technical College and served as a dean at DeVry University. Former employees of Bridgepoint and Career Education also work for Ms. DeVos, including Robert S. Eitel, her senior counselor, who worked for both, and Diane Auer Jones, a senior adviser on postsecondary education, who was with Career Education.

Does this not seem like collusion? Does this not seem like the ones who defrauded students out of millions are being awarded positions in government while still cashing in on the continued push towards for-profit colleges? This is America 2018. This is the Trump administration. This is the state of education. Remember, despite the necessity of a good education to attain a better footing in life, it is not a Constitutional right and therefore open to manipulation by the government elite.