Pastor Tells Blacks to Get out of White Churches

Pastor Tells Blacks to Get Out of White Churches
Reverend Michael R. Jordan of New Era Baptist Church

An Alabama pastor is coming under fire for spreading a divisive message to the community to leave the white churches. The pastor, Rev. Michael R. Jordan of New Era Baptist Church is calling out popular Alabama mega church, Church of the Highlands, claiming that their intentions for opening a location in Birmingham’s West End is more sinister than benevolent. While the megachurch purports to want to help fight crime in the area as the reason for opening the new location, Jordan is calling out the hypocrisy in that “white people do not want to live in African-American neighborhoods or worship with the like so why would they want to put a church in that locality?”

On the sign outside his church, Jordan displayed the following message:

“Black Folks Need to Stay Out of White Churches” and on the other side, “White Folks Refused to Be Our Neighbors.”

Jordan said,

“Changes in society will not start with blacks attending white churches. The white church has been down through the years a hypocritical organization because they didn’t preach against lynching, they didn’t preach against slavery, the white church elected a racist president, Donald Trump.

I want to say something to every African-American that attends a white church. Leave now. Come to your mainstream black church. Your focus is different, our cultures are different. Again, the white institutional church is under watch because they elected a promiscuous, racist president that’s building walls.”

While Jordan does raise a few valid points in his railing against white churches, such as the deafening silence by these congregations as the black community continues to spiral into perdition, another motive comes to mind…. Money. Megachurches are like Walmarts, their viruses that feed off their host communities. Many are as bloated as government agencies while doing even less to benefit the communities they leech off. Megachurches will do to regular black churches what Walmart did to mom-and-pop shops… run them out of business. The good reverend in my opinion is aware and sees the signs of the times and is not trying to have to pinch his pockets any more than he already has to. By being the purveyor of the “Good Word” he has carved out a nice little living for himself living off his congregation. As megachurches swallow up more members that would leave less tithe-givers at New Era Baptist Church.

Using the pastor’s very logic, instead of calling for black people to leave white churches, he should be calling for a mass exodus from white religion. It is these gracious benefactors that so dutifully introduced christianity to black people. They used scriptures to justify slavery and the beating of slaves. They manipulated their Good Book to push each pressing agenda of the time. How is it that the same God that was here yesterday, is here today, and will be here tomorrow is never changing but his rules, his Word, and his interpretation is? Reverend Jordan comes across as just another religious pimp looking to keep a hold of his turf as the competition approaches.

The only message that should be relayed here is for blacks to reject the teachings of their white masters and to return to the earth. Return to that which came thousands and thousands of years before the advent of the white man’s religion. Until the robes of deceit are shed, black people will never be able to tap back into their true essence, their undeniable power and birthright.

Reverend Michael R. Jordan, you are the Broken Preacher of the week!