Pennsylvania Black Man Pulled Over for ‘Suspicious Activity’; Livestreams Bogus Traffic Stop

Attorney Blaine Jones Questions Arrest: 'What Does 'Suspicious Activity' Even Mean?'

Pennsylvania Black Man Pulled Over for 'Suspicious Activity'; Livestreams Bogus Traffic Stop
Man Pulled Over For 'Suspicious Activity' Livestreams Traffic Stop «

WHITAKER, PA – Police in a Pennsylvania have some explaining to do after video of a traffic stop went viral on Facebook showing one of their own fabricating a reason to pull over a Black man in Whitaker Borough. 46-year-old John Mitchell, of Swissvale was minding his own business when police decided to pull him over for “DWB” or “driving-while-Black” or suspicious activity.

From the beginning of the traffic stop, Mitchell did what so many others have resulted to doing when engaged with police, streaming it live for the world to see. There is no greater transparency then seeing raw live footage of police misconduct as it goes down.

In the video, Mitchell asks the officer, “And you’re pulling me over for what reason?”

The officer responds that he is being pulled over because of “suspicious activity”. What that suspicious activity is the officer is unable to clarify.

Sensing the bull turd spewing from the cop’s lips Mitchell pressed him further about the alleged “suspicious activity”.

“Suspicious activity that I violated? I don’t think that’s a law at all,” Mitchell said in the video.

Mitchell continues to argue with police for 30 minutes contesting the traffic stop and demanding a valid reason for the harassment. He asked for names and badge numbers while they countered asking for his ID and vehicle registration.

His attorney, Blaine Jones, is also questioning the validity of the traffic stop and the reason for the stop, suspicious activity.

“Quite frankly, what does [suspicious activity] even mean?” Jones said. “That’s is such a generic, ambiguous phrase that you can pull over someone at any point in time for, quote, suspicious activity. I tend to agree with Mr. Mitchell.”

Many who watched the video suggested that Mitchell just provide the identification which would diffuse the situation in most cases…. but “DWB” doesn’t work that way. Concede nothing and make police work for every bit they get is the only way. Police tell you that your very words can be used against you in the court of law so you have the right to remain silent.

“If you are compliant, then usually you can kind of diffuse the situation. However, based on what he is saying, I think he is frustrated. I think he is fed up,” Jones said. “I think a lot of viewers will probably say he should have done that, but if you listen to his Facebook Live posts, which I did with great concentration, he said he had been pulled over, I think, 12 times in the past two months, and at some point in time, you become upset.”

According to the Pittsburgh area CBS, Mitchell’s preliminary hearing is set for April. Police have not responded to questions for clarification on the ‘suspicious activity’ allegations.

If the courts let this fly, this will set a dangerous precedent for future traffic stops. Cops will be empowered to just randomly pull people over on a whim or bias and cries of racism and the like will fall on deaf ears. They already have the blind eye turned on them by the Trump administration greenlighting a false movement for “law and order”.