Burnsville Police Dept Beat & Taser 14-year-old at Burnsville High School… Over Nothing????

Burnsville Police Dept Beat & Taser 14-year-old at Burnsville High School... Over Nothing????

Ijs Sant posted a disturbing video and photos on Facebook Thursday describing how her 14-year-old son was maliciously treated by over zealous school resource cops from the Burnsville Police Dept. In her post she wrote:

Today at Burnsville High my 14yo,minority son who is an athlete and A student was a victim of police brutality. Burnsville Police used excessive force and tasered my child, supposedly preventing him from confronting another student that started an issue with him. As you can see in the video he was NOT in any way being aggressive to the cop. As they told him to get down they didn’t even allow him 2seconds (sic) to listen before they went on to Taser him in his chest! He had no weapons nor did they think he did. I’m thankful to God that my child is ok after over 10 hours of observation in the hospital. This is one of the worst things that has ever happened to my family and I will not rest until I get Justice for my Son that’s a promise. Thanks to the children at school who were able to catch this on video.

Burnsville Police have yet to issue any statement in regards to the matter and the school administration has declined to comment. Many people on social media have expressed outrage at the latest incident involving school police and minority students. A cry has been made online for people to flood the phone lines of the school district in protest of the latest law enforcement debacle. Allegations of police brutality rang out across from social media taking the white establishment to task. Surely the attack on the young student was unprovoked. According to the mother, he was a star athlete and a straight-A-student.

It was all fine and dandy until a second longer video of the altercation surfaced showing a different angle and a different narrative than the one brought forth by Ijs Sant. In the second video, shot from an elevated position, shows her precious do-gooder son squaring up with school security and at one point even shoving authorities. Say what you want but the video clearly shows police officers practicing great restraint with a belligerent teenager. Perhaps his “star” status got to his head and felt that he could say and do whatever he wanted on campus. Whatever the case may be, the opportunistic urban-American was quick to get out and cry “wolf” and claim her 15 seconds of fame in the national spotlight. Sorry boo-boo but there will be no payoff for you. Investigation will conclude that the authorities acted reasonably and it was your son who was the aggressor. Better luck next time.

View both clips and you be the judge. Was the officer crossing the line? Did the teen bring it on himself? Share your thoughts on the clip.