Asheville Pastor OK’s Cop’s Assault on Jaywalking Suspect; Calls to Inspire Kindness to Officers

Asheville Pastor OK's Cop's Assault on Jaywalking Suspect; Calls to Inspire Kindness to Officers
Daiquan Enkere, a youth pastor at Biltmore Church West Asheville, is trying to spread message of kindness to officers.

The city of Asheville graced the national stage in recent weeks after body cam footage surfaced of an Asheville police officer assaulting and tasing an alleged jaywalking suspect, Jermaine Johnny Rush. As usual response to the video is divided mostly along racial lines. Despite (or in spite of) the court of public opinion, the actions in the video has taken Officer Christopher Hickman off the road and have shown a spotlight on his past transgressions. Reports allege a history, a pattern of abuse usually inflicted upon African Americans. Well one Asheville pastor is looking to turn the other “racial” cheek and embrace Asheville cops.

Daiquan Enkere is a youth pastor at Biltmore Church West in Asheville. Pastor Enkere is hoping to bridge the divide of tension and outrage expressed by the community after the latest instance of heavy-handed policing.

“As I look through the scripture, through the Bible, I see Jesus Christ having an open hand to everyone,” Enkere said. “To the Pharisees, government officials, those who are poor, those who are rich. When I saw the police officers, I thought I could be like that at this moment.”

That moment was at a Chipotle on Patton Avenue reports WLOS. Officers Matt Franks and Robert Crume ordered their meals and reached the front of the line to pay for their meals. The cashier told the officers that the meals were already paid for by the youth pastor.

Asheville Pastor OK's Cop's Assault on Jaywalking Suspect; Calls to Inspire Kindness to Officers
Officers Matt Franks and Robert Crume

“We tried to pay, and he wouldn’t let us,” Asheville police officer Matt Franks said. “He was very appreciative of us being police officers and what we do.”

“We both told him, ‘You don’t have to do that,’” officer Robert Crume said. “But he insisted.”

Nkere said he just wanted to thank the officers for serving the community.

The mind of the American Negro has been properly and effectively hijacked by the White supremacist structure.

First of all, it is no secret that the Bible and its teachings were a construct forced upon slaves by their “God-fearing” owners. These same owners used the good book to instill a sense of inferiority and acceptance of such by cunningly slipping in passages meant to teach slaves to remain docile in the face of hostile conditions. The “message” taught slaves their true rewards for their living hardships would be in the after life and not to seek the riches that lay abundant upon the Earth.

The perfect tool of mental control to keep a chainless slave chained to thought process that continues to pacify their God-like power.

Enkere is literally turning the other cheek towards injustice to allow yet another more decisive blow strike the face of Black Americans. It is shameful and disrespectful to Black lives, to Jermaine Johnny Rush and the ancestors to continue to embrace the pale face and cite oppressive teachings as sound reasoning to do so.

It is NOT ok what Hickman did. It is NOT ok what officers are doing around the country. No it is NOT ok how the Black community is self destructive but it does NOT need help destroying itself as well.
If we must be biblical, than where are the Old Testament Negroes that believe in harsh discipline and rebuke? The mercy and grace of man endureth NOT forever.