Mayor Resigns after Exploiting Black Political Base Amid Affair Fallout

Mayor Resigns after Exploiting Black Political Base Amid Affair Fallout
Nashville Mayor Megan Barry's behavior and actions of the past four weeks demonstrate that her priority lies in her own political survival.

She was another HIllary Clinton in the making the way she courted her Black voters. A self-proclaimed Democrat, Megan Barry rose to the position of mayor in 2015 after beating David Fox in a runoff. Her win was attributed heavily to her “strong support from African-American voters” according to the Tennessean.

She’s turned to black pastors during past difficult moments. After rumors of Barry being an atheist emerged during the campaign, she joined a large group of faith leaders at Jefferson Street Missionary Baptist Church where she professed her Christian faith. Many of the church leaders placed their hands on Barry’s head as they prayed for her.

Once again, in her time of trouble, Barry ran and hid in the Black church, knowing there she would find refuge and forgiveness. Barry came out and admitted to a sexual affair with her head bodyguard and amid the fallout from that admission scurried her tail back into the Black church. The Sunday after admitting to the affair Barry did a tour of Black churches seeking to humble herself before her constituents? She attended services at both Mt. Zion Baptist Church in North Nashville and The Temple Church in Bordeaux.

Mayor Resigns after Exploiting Black Political Base Amid Affair Fallout
Mayor Barry spent Sunday morning at two African-American churches praying on stage for the communities’ forgiveness.

Gullible and naive Black Christians gobbled it up and were quick to defend her and cry for forgiveness. The spiritual chains of Christianity, the same tool of mental control that was forcefully instilled into the very ancestors of these “instruments of God”, tugged at the hearts and minds of the congregations. They showered her with love and understanding while seemingly forgetting that their trust and faith in her has brought them no return of their investment.

“I’m so thankful that I Pastor one of the most loving, non-judgmental and compassionate congregations on the planet,” Bishop Joseph Walker III wrote on his Instagram page. “It was my honor to lead thousands in worship @mtzionnashville to pray for our Mayor @mayormeganbarry and all those who are hurting. Nashville is an amazing city filled with flawed people serving a forgiving God!”

Walker called his church… wait for it… “a refuge” and it was committed to supporting anyone who is suffering.

“Mayor Barry is our friend first and our mayor second,” Walker said. “She has been a constant supporter of Mt. Zion and our Nashville community before and during her time as Mayor; as a consequence, my invitation to her represents our obligation as the church to pray for her as we have done for countless others during difficult times.”

So much for a separation between church and state. Once again, Black voters are manipulated by their loyalty to a religious system that is not loyal to them. Not a single point in history can be cited where the oppressed class triumphed over their oppressors by praying to the God of their captors. Mental sickness.

But thankfully, not all were swayed and bought over by her appearances. One pastor, Rev. Enoch Fuzz, who leads Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church in North Nashville, sees through the charades and called for the mayor to step down. He called her Sunday tour of the Black churches disrespectful and a cheap political maneuver to salvage what remained of her political career.

Why didn’t she go to her own church?” Fuzz said.

“She asked the city to pray for her and show love to her,” he added. “I need her to show some love and respect for the city.”

Why didn’t she go to her own church after revealing her indiscretion indeed. Would she not be accepted in her own church? Would she be met with sneers and side-eyes?

Fuzz has been especially critical of the mayor after her push to end inpatient care at Nashville General Hospital. The hospital services many of the low income communities in Nashville.

Well even the Black church wasn’t enough to stave off investigators as Barry officially resigned after entering a guilty plea. Her affair, marked by early-morning private cemetery trips and nude cell phone photos, culminated in a guilty plea to felony theft of property over 10 grand, the time she billed the City of Nashville but was spent instead in a tryst with Sgt. Rob Forrest.

“Had this case gone to trial, witnesses are available who would testify that in March 2016 and January 2018 Megan Barry caused over 10K but less than 60K in Metro Nashville city fnds to be expended unlawfully on Mr. Robert Forrest,” said District Attorney Glenn Funk.

Forrest also plead guilty to the same charges Tuesday.

Mayor Resigns after Exploiting Black Political Base Amid Affair Fallout
Mayor Megan Barry and Sgt. Rob Forrest

Barry and Forrest are reportedly both married though Forrest’s wife has filed for divorce since the scandal broke. Barry apologized to her husband while admitting to the affair but vehemently denied any activities while on the clock. Nude photos on Forrest’s phones prove otherwise.

While seeking to cut Nashville General Hospital’s budget, the mayor saw fit to take 10 city-funded expeditions with Forrest without other staff present. According to reports the pair even attended conferences in Greece and Paris alone.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation revealed that footage captured the mayor and her bodyguard taking early morning trips to an historic graveyard. Barry’s spokesman defended Barry’s action saying:

“Sometimes she would go for a walk, other times she would sit in a car and either reflect, make calls, catch up on emails, or report issies with vandalism in the cemetery. Barry finds it a peaceful place to start her day.”
Peaceful indeed.

Barry may have shamed herself, embarrassed her husband, and brought unnecessary confusion to Nashville but it is the Black community who has lost the most. It was their voting power that put her in office over David Fox. It is a stain on the moral compass of the Black vote. Much like the White vote and Donald Trump. Black people lost big because it is to your community she ran to after being caught red-handed reaching in the cookie jar. She received your votes and has given you nothing in return except an overinflated budget that needs to be trimmed while scurrying around the globe with her “bodyguard”.

Black folks continue to be the pawns on the board blindly following and believing the great white hype.