Fired for Kicking a Handcuffed Suspect in the Head, Cop Wins His Old Job Back

Fired for Kicking a Handcuffed Suspect in the Head, Cop Wins His Old Job Back
He's Already Arrested And Handcuffed By A Cop. But Another Cop Swoops In And Does Something Outrageous.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Columbus cop, Officer Zachary Rosen, was fired for kicking an already subdued and handcuffed 22-year-old Demarko Anderson in the head in April last year. The incident was caught by a passerby and quickly went viral on social media.

According to The Daily Beast:

The video, recorded by a passerby, shows Rosen kicking 22-year-old Demarko Anderson in the head while he’s face down and in handcuffs. Before being kicked, Anderson can be heard shouting “why are you being aggressive, sir?” at the arresting officer. Rosen suddenly runs in from outside the frame and kicks Anderson in the head.

“Are you serious?” Anderson shouts, “I got cuffs on, sir! Are you serious?”

The Columbus Police Department released a statement saying, “The action taken by one of our officers does not meet the standards by the Columbus Division of Police. It appears to be inconsistent with the values and training we instill in our officers,” officially distancing themselves from the “bad apple”.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther said, “The behavior we saw in the video was unacceptable and inconsistent with our values as a community. It erodes the trust the residents of this city place in law enforcement.”

If the name or face seems vaguely familiar, it’s because this top cop shot and killed 23-year-old Henry Green, a Black man, in 2016. In late March 2017 a grand jury ruled in favor of the cop ruling the shooting justified.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said in a statement, “Detectives found that there were conflicting statements from the multiple witnesses interviewed about how the shooting occurred, who fired the first shot, whether the officers announced their status as police officers, whether the police badges around their neck on lanyards were observable, and whether the officers acted in self-defense or shot Henry Green for no apparent lawful purpose.”

Two weeks after a grand jury failed to indict him on the Green shooting, Rosen is once again removed from duty for kicking Anderson, another Black man, in the head.

Rosen has clearly displayed a pattern of violence towards Black suspects.

This pattern of behavior prompted the city safety director to overrule the police chief’s recommendation for punishment and fire Rose.

The justice system prevailed for Rosen through the use of an arbitrator allowing him to get his job back. In a ruling Monday, the arbitrator said firing Rosen was too severe a punishment “who subdued a restrained suspect in a way that appeared to show him kicking the suspect in the head.”

While coming to Rosen’s defense, the arbitrator did criticize Rosen’s “untrained technique” saying it was too severe for the situation.

Apparently it takes more than video to get a cop fired for abusing a Black man. What can you do when the system you were led to believe was put in place to protect your rights is the one that is violating them? What happens next when police are allowed to terrorize communities with impunity?

America is on the verge of finding out.