The Entertainment Industry Is Not All That It’s Cracked up to Be yet Still We Idolize

The Entertainment Industry Is Not All That It's Cracked up to Be yet Still We Idolize

From the glitz and the glam to the fame and fortune the seductive pull of the entertainment industry has been felt by many. Seeing your favorite artist in their brand new music video continues to tug at residual memories of desire and hope. Long overlooked and almost always hidden is the price of fame. For many, the incessant need of outward validation becomes an addiction, and like any other addiction, a bigger dose than last time is needed to get the desired effect. We watch as our favorite entertainers rise to fame and than fall from grace. In this day and age we are afforded at times a front row to seat to the drama that encompasses their lives. We see and know their struggle.

Yet a part remains that still craves the attention and notoriety and obviously perceived success that comes with the main stage. A toast to the good life. But is it worth it?

MMG boss Rick Ross has been hospitalized in what conflicting news reports boils down to some serious medical condition, most likely a heart attack, landing Ross in the hospital. Some reports claim he is on life support while others refute the very same claims. It’s safe to mention that Ross is no stranger to medical episodes after suffering multiple seizures in the past. He’s even been proactive about his weight dropping 100 pounds over the past year.

YME rapstress, Nicki Minaj, is reportedly ducking the public eye because she’s shuttered away in rehab. Sources report that after a spiraling year in 2017 wrapping up with her brother Jelani Maraj’s molestation case, the rapper is taking a much needed stand back. She reportedly was also hostile with her own crew members around her and other artists. The rehab sources claim is for drug abuse, something Nicki has not been shy to address in her music but sources are also claiming that she is recovering from some drastic plastic surgery.

Did she get whiter? Did her ass get fatter? Boobs bigger? Not being sexist but those are the features that she pays homage to in her music. In her song, “Wamables” she raps, “I like Percocets/ I like to keep ’em hidden in my Birkin bag/ Ass so fat damn Imma hurt ’em bad” and there are plenty more where that came from.

Countless child stars have seen their light grow dim maneuvering through the countless demands of the industry. Actors, actresses, singers, rappers, comedians, and the list goes on, have succumbed to the trappings of the entertainment industry rarely to come out better on the other side. There are a few who manage to run the gauntlet and APPEAR to still be grounded, like Denzel Washington for example, but mostly the ones with the biggest buzz usually have the biggest buzz (pun intended).

The terrors and nightmares of the demands placed on people willing to be a host for a succubus of a living are enumerable. The sacrifices… too many to count. All in all one must ask… is it all worth it?