Cop Pleads ‘No Contest’ to Beating a Handcuffed Teen & Resigns; Now He’s Back Behind the Badge w/ a New Police Dept.

Cop Pleads No Contest to Beating a Handcuffed Teen & Resigns; Now He's Back Behind the Badge w/ a New Police Dept.
Former Ferndale police officer facing assault charges after April arrest.

Officer Jason White resigned from the Ferndale Police Department (FPD) after pleading no contest to assault and battery of a handcuffed teen back in 2016. White, was employed by the FPD on April 18, 2016 when he engaged a teenager he reportedly arrested several times before for breaking into cars.

Dash cam video shows the teen, 17-year-old Khalil Williams, dropping to the ground as police approach. White handcuffs Williams and than proceeds to assault the teen unprovoked. White is seen on video punching the teen and slamming him into the ground several times. White then strikes Williams six more times according to WXYZ.

“When an individual has surrendered themselves, and put themselves in a compliance situation, then it is hands off,” said Ferndale Police Chief Timothy Collins. “That’s why we acted so quickly.”

White was arraigned on assault charges on Monday stemming from an arrest in April according to WXYZ. WXYZ reports:

Police say Jason White is accused of physically abusing a larceny suspect during an arrest. Dashcam video from that night revealed actions that the Ferndale Police Department believed were “excessive,” according to a news release.

Following the arrest, the Ferndale Police Department launched an internal investigation, White was relieved of his duties, and the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office began a criminal investigation. Police say White officially resigned before charges were announced in the case.

As is the case with so many officers around the country, White has been able to find work with another police department despite his checkered past. In any other industry a past like his would not be overlooked for employment but in law enforcement it has become standard practice. Officers are allowed to betray the trust and confidence of the community through heavy handed policing and than resign when their tactics are brought under public scrutiny. After being given the opportunity to resign these same officers are able to be picked up by other police departments who regularly ignore past discretion of officers. Those officers eventually end up back on the streets terrorizing communities all over again.

White’s new police chief, Hazel Park Police Chief Brian Buchholz is not concerned over White’s propensity for violence. When asked if he had concerns about White’s liability to the department the chief replied:

“I do not. He’s a solid guy. He’s not going to make a mistake like that again. He’s happy to be where he’s at. He’s thankful and I’m confident.”

But time and time again we find these repeat offenders that bounce from department to department re-offend again at the expense of communities under attack over implicit bias.