Stand Out ‘Big Brother’ Virginia Cop Arrested for “Indecent Liberties w/ a Child”

Richmond police officer arrested for sexual assault of child

Stand Out 'Big Brother' Virginia Cop Arrested for "Indecent Liberties w/ a Child"
Richard L. Davidson

I just finished expressing this very point in the last article. These officers get so hard up for “some” if their partner isn’t giving up the goods, the officer is going to do one of three things: be violent, cheat with another officer of victim of a crime, prey on a minor. Stand out cop, Officer Richard L. Davidson, reportedly chose the latter.

The 47-year-old cop is being charged with the sexual assault of a minor. Police said the victim is known to Davidson. He was arrested Friday and charged with taking indecent liberties with a child, the Richmond Police Department said Monday.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Davidson worked for the department since Jan. 3, 2011. In 2016, Davidson was praised on social media for his involvement with the Big Brother mentor program.

If Davidson seems familiar it’s because he was the Richmond cop at the center of controversial encounter caught on camera in 2013. Davidson got into a “scuffle” with a Colonial Heights man during the Shamrock the Block festival. Davidson later had the man charged with assault, for which the man was acquitted.

The encounter was posted to YouTube getting more than 266,000 views and prompting the department to conduct an internal affairs investigation into the use of force by officers during the incident. Davidson was allowed to remain on active duty during the course of the investigation.

According to WTVR:

Richmond Judge Eugene Cheek acquitted the Colonial Heights man in the videotaped confrontation, saying the officer’s action, as seen in the video, brought into question the officer’s credibility.

What a stand up guy if you ask me. A pattern of questionable behavior is overlooked and the citizens pay the price.

Davidson is not the first city cop to go down for preying on the young. A former city police officer was sentenced to life in prison for the same thing earlier this month. Charles Church, 41, was a 12-year veteran of the department when he was fired in April 2016 after his arrest. He was found guilty during a trial last summer.

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