Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy Suspended Following Domestic Assault Charge

Knox County Sheriff's Deputy Suspended Following Domestic Assault Charge
Knox County Sheriff's Office Deputy Travis Scates (Knox County Jail)

Officers around the country are in dire need of a chill pill. They seemingly get so wound and riled up that they can’t be held accountable for their actions. Presumably that is the modus operandi based upon their track record of slaps on the wrist. What’s frightening and almost always goes unnoticed is the fact these maladjusted power rangers go home after their shift but don’t know how to turn off their cop reality. Their delusional concepts of grandeur are challenged day in and day out and for once would like to unload the baggage. Well, Knox County sheriff’s deputy Travis Scates did just that.

Scates was arrested Thursday on a charge of assaulting a woman according to court records. The 26-year-old deputy worked in the patrol division up until the incident. He has been suspended without pay pending the completion of the investigation said Martha Dooley, Knox County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) spokeswoman.

Just in case you missed that interesting tidbit: Scates has been suspended without pay over a domestic situation with his lady friend. Kill an unarmed person and lie about fearing for your life gets you a paid vacation but hitting your partner/significant other gets you an unpaid vacay. Mull on that.

According to arrest documents, KCSO deputies responded to an apartment on Lanesborough Way in Farragut around 12:25 in the morning. The victim told responding officers that she was trying to leave the apartment when Scates grabbed her arm and caused her to drop the pile of clothes she was holding. She told detectives that Scates “had her up against the wall”, but when she got by (Scates) he “let her leave” the apartment.

The unidentified victim allegedly had bruises on her left arm according to the arrest report. The deputy was charged with domestic assault. His arraignment is scheduled for Thursday morning.

In yet another example of officers losing their cool and blowing their top, we the citizens are expected to conform to a higher degree of rational and restraint. We’re expected to just “comply” and “be cool” while these neanderthals with a badge are said to be held at a higher regard but in practice get more shots than Lil Jon. Officers routinely go home and abuse their significant other.

In the patriarchal set up, you find the officer demanding sexual favors and release from their wives/girlfriends. When that fails they may resort to physical violence. Than you have others who seek out the release from outside… more often than not a younger more impressionable victim. The stories are endless. In one story the officer is beating his wife. In the next story the officer is cheating on his spouse with either another cop, a victim to a crime, or a minor. There are plenty stories.

As for Deputy Scates, he is now a student at Knox’s school for hard knocks. Didn’t he hear? Women are about that #MeToo. For real!

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