Georgia Cop Resigns Amid Allegations of Selling Guns & Drugs

Georgia cop accused of selling drugs, guns resigns amid investigation.

Georgia Cop Resigns Amid Allegations of Selling Guns & Drugs
Coweta County Sheriff's Office Daniel-Cameron William Kemp

There must be something about being a cop in Georgia that the rules don’t seem to apply. Not to the ones who make and enforce them anyway. One officer is learning the hard way however how untrue that belief is. After being busted selling drugs outside of his Coweta County home, officer Daniel-Cameron William Kemp has resigned from the Hogansville Police Department (HPD). His resignation comes a week after an investigation was opened into his actions.

Authorities arrested the 23-year-old former officer on Feb. 3 after being spotted by the Coweta County Crime Suppression Unit outside his residence passing a gun and a container to a man in a car. Deputies pulled the car over when they noticed the driver, Billy Ray Pate, wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. Officers questioned him and during the course of the interrogation, the scent of marijuana emanated from the vehicle according to police.

Pate confessed that he purchased a .22 caliber Uzi and marijuana from Kemp. He also told authorities that he purchased from Kemp before.

Police conducted a search of Kemp’s home and found pills, including oxycodone said Deputy LaShunda Reed. The pills were not prescribed to Kemp. Under the living room sofa officers found plastic bags containing methamphetamine and marijuana.

Kemp’s wife admitted to police she found marijuana in their living room several times over the past several days. She also claimed that her kingpin husband spent most of his time in his patrol car. A search of the patrol vehicle revealed marijuana in the dash according to Reed. Kemp was placed on administrative leave prior to his resignation pending the outcome of the investigation.

According to the Newnan Times-Herald, Kemp, was formally charged with marijuana possession with intent to distribute last week and later released on a $20,000 bond.

On February 8, Kemp resigned from the Hogansville Police Department and his resignation was reported to the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council as “Resigned under Investigation.”

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is investigating where Kemp obtained the marijuana.

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