Mother, Grandmother Arrested after 11-Month-Old Tests Positive for Weed & Cocaine #IShitUNot

Mother, Grandmother Arrested after 11-Month-Old Tests Positive for Weed & Cocaine #IShitUNot
Shanice McCall (left) and Roxie McCall (Photo courtesy: Elyria police)

The worst stewards of children in America have struck again. This of course comes as no surprise to many who have seen, heard, or experienced the destructive nature of this group of people… if we can call them that. An egg donor/sperm receptacle and her mother have been charged after an 11-month-old was found to have marijuana and cocaine in her system.

WTF?! 11-month-old?! You read it correctly.

According to, 38-year-old Roxie McCall and 20-year-old Shanice McCall are being charged with endangering children stemming from an incident that occurred Thursday. The report goes that officers were responding to a house call around 2 pm from the 11-month-old’s mother, Shanice, about the welfare of her child. According to the mom, the little girl apparently hit her head and “was acting lethargic.”

Mother, Grandmother Arrested after 11-Month-Old Tests Positive for Weed & Cocaine #IShitUNot
20-year-old Shanice McCall

Dispatchers told the mother to take the child to the hospital if there was no improvement in the child’s condition. When paramedics responded to the home to check on the child, they observed that the grandmother (thirty-fucking-eight years old smh) was acting odd. The paramedics than contacted police to conduct a welfare check on the child.

Police reportedly went to the home and found everything in order and the child in good condition.

Apparently the officers are inept because the mother ended up taking the child to University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center where she again claimed the child hit her head. A CAT scan revealed no injuries according to the report. A blood screen however did show cocaine and marijuana in the infant’s system. According to reports, the child became unresponsive and was transferred to Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital.

The mother was questioned at the hospital and told authorities that she spent the night at her mother’s house the night prior and left the next morning to go to school.

Yeah right! We all know school is not where she was going. An investigation confirmed that McCall was not even enrolled at any institution of higher learning… pun intended.

She told police that she left her infant daughter at her mother’s house, a place she admitted was a home full of smokers. Everyone smoked weed in the house but she had no explanation for how cocaine happen to be in her daughter’s system.

Mother, Grandmother Arrested after 11-Month-Old Tests Positive for Weed & Cocaine #IShitUNot
38-year-old Roxie McCall

The beastie of a grandmother, Roxie, refused to cooperate with authorities investigating the matter. She demanded that the investigators present a search warrant or leave the home. After flexing some blue muscle, police swept the house and found two other children living in the home, a 17-year-old and a 9-year-old. The home reportedly smelled of burnt marijuana claimed police. Police confiscated a marijuana pipe, pills, and two cell phones as evidence.

Child Services was notified of the living conditions and the status of the 11-month-old. Lorain County Children Services went to the hospital to put a safety plan in motion for the infant and made arrangements for the other children to stay with a relative.

Although the children have been removed from the home, we know that won’t stop these gremlins from reproducing more bastard children. In a home full of whores, it is the children that suffer and grow up to be worse than their creators. Maybe a judge needs to follow the example of Summer Thyme Creel’s case and have these disgusting dob’s sterilized. These government sponsored terrorists are a plague, a virus in the Black community and they’re being allowed to roam free to the detriment of the “good Blacks”.

But Black Lives Matter????

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