Pregnant Woman Kills 7-Year-Old Boy over Stolen Perfume

Pregnant Woman Kills 7-Year-Old Boy over Stolen Perfume
26-year-old Brooke Craig

You can take one look at this light-skinned biracial creation and tell that she’s bat-shit crazy. The look in her eyes tell it all… but what will happen is that people will come to her defense. A certain demographic of America will vouch for this pregnant mother-to-be and claim it was the pregnancy that made her lash out.

26-year-old Brooke Craig stands accused of shooting a 7-year-old boy as his father drove away during an argument with her. According to CBSDFW Craig and the father, 24-year-old Cameron Castillo, were dating at the time of the shooting. The lovers were involved in a domestic disturbance when police arrived at the 4200 block of Pickett Street in Hunt County. When police arrived to the Greenville home, no one was home. Later police learned that the boy, Kaden Green, was taken to the hospital.

According to CBS 11 Kaden’s father, Castillo, got out of his vehicle and engaged Craig.

“Do you know what they were fighting over? Silliness. Some perfume,” said Evelyn Jose,
Kaden’s second cousin.

Relatives told WFAA that she may have tried to shoot Castillo in a jealous rage over Kaden’s mother.

Pregnant Woman Kills 7-Year-Old Boy over Stolen Perfume
24-year-old Cameron Castillo

Castillo is reported to have re-entered his vehicle and begin to drive away with three kids in the car when Craig snapped and began firing at the car. According to Craig, she was aiming for her boyfriend’s head when she fatally shot little Kaden. No regard was given to the lives of the three children in the car by the pregnant girlfriend. Not hard to imagine since none of the kids were hers to begin with.

“She tried to shoot Cameron, and she ended up shooting the baby in the chest,” said Kaden’s aunt Felicia Spillman.

Craig is said to have her baby due next month.

“I don’t honestly think she should be allowed to keep that one after taking one,” said Jose.

After the shooting, the vehicle came to a stop and Craig and a witness approached it, police said. Craig and Castillo fled the scene after the shooting. So strong was the love they shared that the father left his three kids, including the fatally wounded Kaden, at the scene and took off with the same pregnant psycho that just tried to kill him. Kaden was left bleeding from his chest. The witness then took the boy to the hospital in another vehicle.

Greenville police said Kaden Green died at a hospital after being taken there by a witness following the shooting on Thursday afternoon. Felicia Stillman, Kaden’s Aunt, said Castillo refused to come into the hospital because of a previous warrant out for his arrest.

“I don’t care if you had a blue warrant, anything. That still was your baby. How could you leave him?” said Spillman.

Greenville PD contacted the McKinney Police Department just before 3 a.m. Friday to issue a capital murder arrest warrant for Craig. McKinney police then located her vehicle leaving a store and she fled into nearby Frisco, going through several residential areas before turning down a dead-end street, police said.

The pair was eventually arrested without incident early Friday morning after leading police on a chase that ended with Craig ramming into police cruisers. They were arrested in the Dallas suburb of Frisco about 45 miles west of Greenville.

“My baby was a loving baby. He was a loving baby and he didn’t deserve this,” said Kaden’s mother, Courtney Green.

Pregnant Woman Kills 7-Year-Old Boy over Stolen Perfume
7-year-old Kaden Green

“All he wanted was to be like his daddy, and he wanted to be a Cowboys player. He was such a good kid. He didn’t deserve this. He was a great kid, and I would give anything to have him back, I’d give anything,” the mother cried.

The other two kids that were in the car were removed from the home and placed in the custody of the state after the shooting. Child Protective Services (CPS) spokeswoman Marissa Gonzales said they have a four-year-old boy and seven-year-old girl who are the siblings of Kaden in their custody.

Ms Gonzales said Craig is not Kaden’s mother. She said CPS has received a report about the boy’s death and will investigate. She said the boy’s family has had previous contact with CPS, but that the details are confidential.

Jail records show that Craig was transferred from Collin County, where McKinney is located, back to Hunt County, where Greenville is located, by Friday afternoon. The records did not list a lawyer in relation to the capital murder charge.

Craig faces an evading arrest charge in Collin County, according to the jail records.

Castillo was being held in Collin County jail on Friday. Jail records did not list a lawyer for him.

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