Florida Deputy & Son Beat up Motorist at RaceTrac Gas Station

Father, son arrested for battery

Florida Deputy & Son Beat up Motorist at RaceTrac Gas Station
Peter Ciucci & son Nicholas Ciucci

A former sheriff’s deputy from Florida and his son were arrested Wednesday accused of beating up a man at a RaceTrac gas station in Hudson. The retired Hernando Sheriff’s Office lieutenant, Peter Ciucci, has been charged with initiating a violent attack, stemming from a road rage incident. News reports allege that Ciucci and his son Nicholas Paul Tisevich-Ciucci were called to the gas station by someone who was involved in a road rage incident with the victim. Those same reports however do not indicate the relationship between the caller and the Ciuccis.

The Florida sheriff arrived at the RaceTrac with his son and began arguing with the victim. As the victim began to dial 911 on his cell phone the elder Ciucci reached into the car through an open door and began hitting him causing him to drop the phone. The victim, who chose to remain anonymous, told ABC Action News he is in fear for his life since the incident.

“It could have possibly been the last day for me, you know. To be honest with you, that’s what I was thinking.”

The victim of the assault also stated that the initial driver that confronted him followed him into the gas station. That is when the two Ciucci’s cornered him in his truck and began their “street justice”.

“Two vigilantes that decided to take the law into their own hands,” said the victim.

Police identified the aggressor in the situation as 20-plus-year veteran of the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office Peter Ciucci.

“I believe that this man thought he was above the law.”

According to the investigator’s report:

“The two defendants continued to punch the victim in the back of the head multiple times while the defendant placed the victim in a choke hold. The defendant’s son sat on top of him in the parking lot, while the other strangled him from behind.”

Peter Ciucci has been charged with Burglary Battery and False Imprisonment.

Nicholas Ciucci has been charged with Vehicle Burglary, Simple Battery, and False Imprisonment.

The unidentified victim suffered minor injuries from the “cop ‘n son” beating. The Ciuccis were arrested when deputies arrived and faced several felonies.