She has 15 Kids and is Blaming the Government for not Doing More for Her

Woman With 15 Kids Says “The System” Is Failing To Provide Enough For Her

She has 15 Kids and is Blaming the Government for not Doing More for Her
Meet Angel Adams, a 39 year old mother of 15 young children, 12 of which are currently in her care.

A Tampa woman by the name of Angel Adams is faulting the system for not doing enough to help support her and her litter. Adams, a resident of Tampa, Florida, has been in the news several times over the past few years for problems stemming from her dire situation. The man who fathered 10 of her 15 kids was arrested and things all went downhill from there. Adams was evicted from her low-income home back in 2010 because she had way too many “residents” in the home albeit most of them children.

“I’ve been railroaded since day one,” she said.

When social services got involved, that is when things went downhill according to Adams. The unwed mother of 15 has griped on my television interviews that “somebody needs to pay for all [her] children” to live better and that somebody is the welfare system.

At no point does personal accountability become a factor or considered. Spoken in true “urban woman fashion” all of her kids are a gift of God and the burden of support now rests upon the shoulders of the taxpayers with enough common sense and decency not to create more mouths than they can feed. The mention of personal responsibility will only serve to exacerbate the already fragile reality that she has built around her.

Getting a job was out of the question. Doing a better job of screening her male suitors was apparently unheard of. Condoms get in the way of the sensation in her vag so that was a no go. The pill makes her nauseous and makes her gain weight. Abortion is immoral…. (as well as having children out of wedlock but who’s keeping score.) Despite all the options available to this woman to manage her ability to procreate she’s your run-of-the-mill pseudo-empowered mainstream urban woman that can’t be expected to shoulder the consequences of her choices.

Her 15 kids have 3 baby daddies, and to top it all off… Adams was once held in contempt of court for cussing out a social worker and refusing to answer whether or not she’d gotten pregnant again.

The 12 kids in Adams’ care have been in and out of foster care and while relatives have tried to help, no one can maintain the family for too long.
Adams now feels there’s no way out and is constantly in a battle with the state for more aid.

The system, which Adams claims is not doing enough for her and her pack, surely could have done more to get Adams back on her feet. An army of Florida organizations have provided her with assistance but they still didn’t do enough. The Tampa Housing Authority put her up in a home but lost that home after failure to pay rent. She fell behind $6,000. I guess the organization should have paid the rent too or better yet give her the home for free. She was then put up in a two-bedroom rental apartment but was evicted from that home as well. She ended up in a small motel room on E Busch Boulevard with her 12 kids.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, the state Department of Children and Families, Hillsborough Kids Inc., the Children’s Home Society and A Kid’s Place pulled together and placed the family in a temporary cottage at a shelter near Brandon.

Judge Sheehan gave her a lecture, and referenced the fact that if her kids had been fed, got their medicines and were living in a good home there would be no need to sit through 28-hearings saying: ”

We know you want us out of your life, we will be thrilled to close this case when you have all these things. A lot of people have gone way extra miles for you,” Sheehan said. “Do you understand that?”

She has 15 Kids and is Blaming the Government for not Doing More for Her
Angel Adams in court.

When asked if she understood the lengths that the organizations went to in order to assist her, Adams could only muster up a measly “No comment, your Honor.”

The ingrate definitely did not accept responsibility for being arrested for cocaine possession along with one of the fathers instead casting blame on outside circumstances. Nothing is ever her fault.

After proving her legal “competence” in caring for the children, Department of Children & Families (DCF) moved her into a six bedroom-home big enough for her family.

If she’s not responsible for her kids than who is?

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