Mother Accuses Alabama Police of Excessive Force on Facebook; Social Media Response Won’t Shock You

Mother Accuses Alabama Police of Excessive Force on Facebook; Social Media Response Won't Shock You
KeAndre Wilkerson

Cops in Alabama have a few questions to answer after a mother blasted law enforcement on Facebook about the handling of her son’s arrest. The concerned parent, Angela Williams on Facebook, posted a picture of her son after a run-in with the Troy Police Department (TPD). Her son, KeAndre Wilkerson, is pictured on a bloodied hospital bed with his left eye swollen shut. Wilkerson’s jaw appears to be inflated as well while dried blood cakes his nose and lips.

Williams captioned the picture:

“Troy police officers did this to my son While he was in handcuffs. Please share this 😡shit happening in Troy Al now😡😡I hope that they body camera was on and they haven’t told me shit yet . Please share I’m heading to Birmingham to UAB he has fracture and had to transport to have surgery — feeling pissed off. “

Mother Accuses Alabama Police of Excessive Force on Facebook; Social Media Response Won't Shock You
KeAndre Wilkerson & mother, Angela Williams

According to the TPD, officers spotted Wilkerson coming from behind a closed business in downtown Saturday around 11:52 PM. Curious about what he was doing back there, officers left their vehicles and approached the 17-year-old. WSFA reports that the teen turned around and fled upon seeing the approaching officers. Police caught up to the teen but reportedly refused to comply with their orders to place his hands behind his back. Wilkerson struggled with the officers and made a reaching motion for his waistband. At this point, police resorted to physical force in order to restrain him.

News reports say that the teen was transported to Troy Regional Medical Center and than forwarded to UAB for further treatment. Police have charged him with obstructing governmental operations and resisting arrest, both misdemeanors.

TPD than states that officers returned to the area of the foot pursuit and during a search recover a handgun lying on the ground. Police retrieved the weapon and placed into a handbag for evidence. The weapon was found after a foot-chase and a subsequent physical confrontation prompted by him reaching for his waist. (I’ll let that sink in.)

Excessive force at the hands of police has become a national conversation and more people are polarized over the issue… usually along racial lines. The conversation usually goes that the suspect/victim should have just complied with officers’ orders. The shooting of North Miami therapist Charles Kinsey proves that is not the case. Cases like Kinsey’s are quickly forgotten or written off as random incidents.

But then there are the cases where the perp has established a facade of the hardened thug and based upon that imagery they are handled as such. Kids Black and White love posing with guns but for some reason when Black people do it, it’s more sinister.

Whatever the case, social media detectives scoured the nether-regions of cyberspace and were able to dig up images and video of Wilkerson in a less than innocent light.

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Tony Satterfield wrote, “Maybe your son shouldn’t be a hood rat have you thought of that?”

Kęstutis Klimanskas challenged, “Yes, like cops are going to beat a teenager for no reason, plus handcuffed. They have body cameras, everything gets recorded.”

La Dé Sí sided with police commenting, “the cops wouldn’t have to beat little cuz if his fuckin mama would. yall and this black lives matter shit is all bullshit.”

Jackson Ellis delved further writing, “Yeah well the “kids” Facebook looks like he was in a gang. Blue bandanas and guns in half the pictures. I have never been shot by a cop or beaten or even given a ticket. I have black friends who will tell you the same. Well the occasional speeding ticket but those are usually deserved. Sometimes cops do things that are wrong by yes shooting unarmed people and beating them. But have you ever seen a body cam of a cop trying to stop someone and then get shot and either killed or close to it. Cause I have seen those body cams also. Not to mention if you were an officer on duty and some little punk ass started hitting you and fighting. Unless there is evidence I’m not buying it. Everyone thinks there a damn victim these days.”

Kimberly Marie Owens argued that despite what Wilkerson may have done, “everyone deserves to be treated with respect and not beat on!” Tyler Innocent replied, “I know right? It’s crazy gang bangers like her son usually get away with that shit. Good thing the police smartened his ass up.”

Williams’ post has over 45K shares, 6K likes, and 4.6K comments.

What do you think? Is this just another case of the boy crying “Wolf!” or is there something really there?

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