Let’s Stop Acting Like Black Women are Above Reproach

Before you come jumping down my throat be forewarned that your comments will not sway the image of the typical Black chick in America. The only way that will change is if you, Black women, take control of your imagery and make better choices as a collective. That is the only way! No marches. No boycotts. No protests. No chants and pseudo-revolutionary hip hop music. No white daddy. You. Just you. Control your depiction and the rest will be forced to follow. The less asinine behavior Black women display, the less they will be the butt of the long standing joke in America. (But Black women are known for butts right?)

On to my point. Straight up, no beating around the bush, Black women ARE NOT above reproach and criticism. It doesn’t matter what you’ve endured. It doesn’t matter your socio-economic status. It doesn’t matter if you’re the princess of Bel-Air or the Trap Queen. You are not above criticism. You are not above being called out on your own shit. If you’re out here messing up, the community as a whole has the responsibility to call you out on your shit. Black women have no problem calling out everyone else it seems. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Get over it.

Recently, the Black Queen movement has gained traction giving these chicks a false sense of empowerment. Instead of empowering them to want to do better however, it only solidified their belief that wrong or not, they don’t have to be held accountable for anything. Black women will rally behind the Black mother who dumps her dead baby in the dumpster before they empathize with their so-called Black Kings. Black women will excuse away damn near everything their gender does because they are never wrong, even when they’re wrong. Remember the movie, Hustle & Flow? Or was that Get Rich or Die Tryin’? Maybe it was the latter. In either case, Terrance Howard was explaining that even when he is wrong he is right even if he might be wrong. That is the logic of mainstream Black women. Most Negresses have an over-inflated self confidence that is ill-deserved at best. But no one can tell them a thing.

Why is it that Black women refuse to accept criticism and responsibility? Why? Are they allergic to the truth? Are they so engulfed in their own reality that to burst that bubble would mean the end of the world as we know it? GTFOH! Black women are human just like any other race and gender that walks this planet and ALL rules should apply to you as well.

What is really egregious is the various publications that have jumped on the enabling Black women bandwagon. For example, Ebony published an article about a Black man from Pittsburgh, Martell Smith, who burned down a house with a family in it. Ebony dedicated 99% of the article to describing how that man was critical of Black women. They said he went on rants on Facebook a month prior to the incident “filled with misogynoir and toxic masculinity.” The whole article was driven towards leading the reader to believe that the man was in fact hating on his women instead of offering some harsh but loving criticisms towards his sisters. Instead of acknowledging that yes, Black women do appear to be impervious to shame and embarrassment, instead the publication deflects and call the man’s criticisms “toxic masculinity”. In the end, Ebony makes the concession that Smith’s troubling contempt for Black women was unrelated to his motive for the killings but still chooses to keep the onus on his alleged disdain for Black women saying that it’s worth noting.

Go ahead Black women. Let the complaints begin. #RunTellDat

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