San Antonio Police Officer Gives Homeless Man Mystery Sandwich; Fired by Department after Finding Out What’s Inside

Police Officer Fired After Claiming To Give Feces Sandwich To Homeless Man

San Antonio Police Officer Gives Homeless Man Mystery Sandwich; Fired by Department after Finding Out What's Inside
Matthew Luckhurst, San Antonio Police Department

A San Antonio police officer has been relieved after doing the unthinkable. What did he do? Well, it’s becoming a well known fact to the world that the supposed greatest nation on earth has a poverty problem that rivals third world countries. The nation has more empty homes than homeless people but yet and still the homeless problem has reached epidemic proportions in major cities around the country. There are various organizations that do what they can to assist our country’s impoverished and less fortunate but there is still a ton of work to do. Soup kitchens and food banks do what they can to feed the needy along with a variety of other social service organizations but countless men, women, and children still go hungry. In comes Officer Matthew Luckhurst.

Luckhurst has been caught preying on the less fortunate for his own entertainment. The officer reportedly seeing a homeless man in need decided to bless him with a sandwich. Hardly the uncommon gesture. People are always giving scraps to the homeless like stray dogs but to treat them as such says something about humanity.

Officer Luckhurst was on bike patrol when his bell of compassion began to ring. He had an epiphany and somehow thought it would be a good idea to give one of the homeless a meal, something to eat. Chef Luckhurst put a piece of excrement between two slices of bread in a styrofoam container and place it next to a sleeping homeless man.

So moved was Luckhurst by his random act of kindness he went back to the police station bragging about his selfless service to his colleagues. The other officers, including his partner, were green with envy and jealousy that they Judas Iscariot the officer ratting him out to the brass. The five-year vet told investigators that he was only joking when pressed about the incident but that didn’t stop the investigation that loomed overhead. The San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) concluded their investigation and fired Luckhurst immediately.

San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor supported the firing saying in a statement, ““Firing this officer was the right thing to do, his actions were a betrayal of every value we have in our community, and he is not representative of our great police force.”

According to the San Antonio Current, relations between the city’s homeless population and the police is already strained. Chief William McManus launched a homeless outreach team in the police department that is supposed to be helping connect the homeless with services.

Luckhurst may have an obsession with feces. The officer defecated in the women’s bathroom stall at SAPD’s Bike Patrol Office and spread a brown substance with the consistency of tapioca on the toilet seat, giving the appearance that there was feces on the seat according to police.

Luckhurst is appealing the punishment in both of the cases with the help of his lawyer.

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