Desperate for Attention, Black Woman Fakes Racist Letter from Neighbors Seeking Take Down of BLM Sign

Desperate for Attention, Black Woman Fakes Racist Letter from Neighbors Seeking Take Down of BLM Sign
LaToya Johnson

In desperate acts of attention Black people have been falsely crying “racism!” to the detriment of the overall conversation regarding race. In one instance, a Kansas State University student vandalized his own car for Halloween and then cried racism. After pressure from a mounting FBI investigation into the possibility of a hate crime it was discovered that the student himself was guilty of the very acts he accused White supremacy of. Enablers ignored the fact that he lied and instead clung to the notion that “it doesn’t change a thing.” Much like the movie “Dear White People” it was a discussion waiting to happen. In another instance, a group of Black Air Force cadets in Colorado allegedly had the word “nigger” scrawled on their message boards. That race card raised such a stink that the commanding officer had to give a speech about how racism will not be tolerated only to find out that the only racist involved was one of the Black cadets. The commanding officer stood by his speech but the damage was done. Coloreds were hurting their cause… their struggle for equality and acceptance by “massa”.

In the latest racial spin, a Bakersfield woman by the name of LaToya Johnson. Johnson moved into the Silver Creek neighborhood in Bakersfield two years ago. As a Black homeowner, Johnson has never had any problems with her neighbors. That is not until this past week. The single Black mother of three boys (because no mention of a father was ever made in news reports) received an anonymous letter purportedly signed by the residents of Silver Creek demanding that she removed a “Black Lives Matter” sign from her front yard. The letter claimed that the sign was bringing down the surrounding property values. The alleged hate mail was received just days after she strung up the Black Identity Extremists’ flag. The letter stated that residents were only going to ask one time insinuating that if the requests weren’t met further action would be taken.

“Dear neighbor could you please remove you Black Lives Matter sign from you front yard,” the letter began.

It went on to say, “This is not Cottonwood, Compton or Watts and your Black Lives Matter sign is reducing the property value of this area and making it look very bad.”

“There are black people and there are (bleep). Just like there are white people and white (bleep), Mexican and Mexican (bleep). If you want to be equal and respected than be a neighbor not a (bleep),” the letter added referring to the N word commonly used for Black people.

“I was scared because I took it as a threat and I was also shocked because I wasn’t aware that anyone felt this way about me in this neighborhood,” Johnson said feeling threatened.

“I have three boys. We live in a very very tough society especially with this social media stuff going on and I want my boys to know that hey your lives matter. When they come into their place of residence, hey, my life matters,” she explained as to why she put up the sign.

“All lives have always mattered,” she said. “Our lives have really never mattered. And by ours I mean black people. Why is my freedom of speech making you upset?”

According to Bakersfield Now, Johnson reported the incident to the Bakersfield Police Department (BPD) but the BPD has denied any knowledge of the letter. This is the same police department that mistook a 5-foot-2 and 115 pounds Tatyana Hargrove for a 5 feet 10 bald Black male between the ages of 25 and 30 and weighing about 170 pounds on June 18.

“Why is my freedom of speech making you upset, that’s my right as an American to have my own freedom of speech, but if it’s not harming anyone or myself why is that a problem,” said Johnson.
“This is not just about just being black. It’s about a movement of equality and justice,” she said.

The desperate homeowner says she has no plans to take down the sign and is also praying for the author of the letter. How typical. Spoken like a true false flag race card puller. In an attempt to appear as the bigger person Johnson invokes her religious belief in hopes of changing the hearts and minds of men and women who presumably don’t want her around to begin with.

The allegations ring false. Johnson claims to have notified BPD but BPD has no knowledge of said letter. The anonymous letter showed up her in mailbox but was signed the residents of Silver Creek. There is no way to prove in fact that the residents did drop the letter in her mailbox despite surveillance cameras showing nothing of the sort. Her sons could have just as easily typed the letter and stuffed it in an envelope in attempt to bring the racial conversation to their side of the table. Or maybe Bakersfield cops are lying about not knowing about the incident. Maybe this is an innocent Black woman who was just minding her own business and isn’t harboring a need for the national spotlight and some settlement money.

Give the FBI a couple weeks. The truth will come out. This will be just another case of the boy crying “Wolf!” or in this case, a Black woman crying “racism!”

Do you agree or disagree? Is she being desperate or sincere? Do the fake calls of racism hurt the Black movement? You be the judge.

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