2 Maryland White Boys Hang a Noose Outside of a Black Middle School; Judge Rules Not a Hate Crime

2 Maryland White Boys Hang a Noose Outside of a Black Middle School; Judge Rules Not a Hate Crime
Conner Charles Prout (right) and John Adam Havermann (left) were charged with trespass posted property, trespass school property, disturbing school ...

Judges lately have been issuing questionable rulings involving young white offenders this year and since the year isn’t up yet, it appears that trend will continue. A Maryland judge has decided to ignore the racial connotations of the act committed by two entitled White boys and refrain from calling them out on the hate crime. The pair hung a noose outside of Crofton Middle School.

The noose was found by a teacher at Crofton Middle School in Crofton, Md. It was spotted on a outside light fixture just before 11 a.m. Thursday and detectives determined through surveillance footage that access was gained to the roof.

A wooden pallet was propped against a side wall and used to climb, said Frashure. The noose was hung between midnight and 2 a.m. Thursday, he added.

Authorities said the men— Conner Charles Prout of Crofton, Md. and John Adam Havermann of Pasadena, Md. — were identified after investigators released several images taken from surveillance video footage at the school.

Prout was arrested by police and Havermann turned himself into detectives Friday night. Authorities said the pair had no known connection with the middle school.

19-year-old Conner Charles Prout and 19-year-old John Adam Havermann are accused of hanging a noose outside of a classroom window at Crofton Middle School in Maryland back in May of this year. According to reports Prout pled guilty to a misdemeanor hate crime but Havermann pled not guilty.

The presiding judge, Paul Harris, accepted Prout’s plea but in the case of Havermann the judge settled for a trespassing charge. The judge said that he was not ready to pin a hate crime on the teen due to how Maryland law is written. According to Maryland law, a hate crime can only be committed against another person and not a community.

Both were ultimately charged with trespassing, disturbing school operations and disorderly conduct/disturbing the peace, police said.

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