Teen Stabbed 80 Times; Set Ablaze by Older Man She Met on Facebook

Teen girl stabbed 80 times, set on fire by man she met online:

Teen Stabbed 80 Times; Set Ablaze by Older Man She Met on Facebook
Teen girl stabbed 80 times, set on fire by man she met online.

If you haven’t heard yet, a 15-year-old by the name of Sabriya McLean was brutally murdered by a man she met on Facebook. The teen’s maimed body was found late Tuesday morning after being reported missing for two days. McLean lived in New Castle, Del but her body was found in Philly.

According to reports McLean met 23-year-old Cole Swaringer-Herring on Facebook and a conversation ensued. McLean met with Swaringer-Herring Monday night while Herring’s parents were out.

Reports did not reveal a motive for the heinous killing but the savagery has led investigators to believe that the suspect may have killed before.

6ABC reports the suspect’s parents were out at the time of the attack but when they got home Swaringer-Herring told them what he had done. The parents reportedly waited until the following morning to call police. When police arrived on the scene, the teen’s body was found under a pile of leaves. Swaringer-Herring was promptly arrested.

“It was a very violent act so we’re looking at him in connection to some  other possible cases that we’ve had,” said Police Captain Jack Ryan.

The suspect faces charges of murder, arson, abuse of a corpse and other related offenses.

It is a sad and tragic thing that happened to McLean BUT here’s the problem.

Sabriya was 15. She lived in Delaware. She somehow found a way to Philly. She wasn’t kidnapped. She wasn’t coerced. No one held a gun to her head. If this attention-starved little hussie had any sense, she wouldn’t have been trolling for older dick on social media. She literally lived fast and died young.

Swaringer-Herring is wrong for what he did. He’s wrong for entertaining the young pussy. He’s wrong for trolling for pussy while living at home with mommy and daddy…. but if McLean would have ignored him or at the least, not have travelled to Philly, Swaringer-Herring would still be a free man.

Ultimately, the teen is responsible for her actions. Did she deserve to die for her actions? No. But it does not absolve her of her contribution to her ultimate demise. Sadly, social media has become the premier purveyor of jailbait. Don’t take my word for it. Scroll through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others. Do a random search on Snapchat or Vine. Look at popular sites such as Worldstar Hip Hop. 99.9999% of Black girls are on there doing the same damn thing. They are all twerking and taking ass shots. You visit the profiles of any of these fast ass little girls with no daddy and most of the pics on their page are from behind or from the side with an ass cheek resting on the bathroom sink. These little hoes in training are out of control.

The hypersexualization of the youth is also a contributing factor. From the music to the “role models” the industry thrusts in front of the youth, especially Black youth, the message is clear. The youth have gobbled up the message and regurgitated it en masse creating a lost generation.