19-Year-Old Dangles Son by Neck Over 3rd Floor Apartment Balcony; Charged w/ Murder

Knoxville mother charged in murder of 3-month-old son jailed

19-Year-Old Dangles Son by Neck Over 3rd Floor Apartment Balcony; Charged w/ Murder
Tierra Patrice Williamson

Damn these ugly wastes of human flesh are back at it again. I hate seeing and writing these stories but if no one points out what’s not being discussed the issue will never be resolved. Son, there is a serious problem in the Black community and that problem is not being able to look in the mirror and address the reflection. For the most part the community has made a livelihood of looking outward instead of inward to heal. The longer the community continues to deny the basic truth, the longer the community will remain at the bottom of the global socio-economic ladder.

Moving on.

The troglodyte pictured above is Tierra Patrice Williamson. She stands accused of killing her 3-month-old son. She is rightfully rotting behind bars this week on a first-degree murder charge after spending two weeks in a mental health facility.

19-Year-Old Dangles Son by Neck Over 3rd Floor Apartment Balcony; Charged w/ Murder
Adrian Prince Howell, Jr.

According to multiple news outlets, Knoxville Police Department confirmed that 19-year-old Tierra Patrice Williamson has been charged with the death of her son, Adrian Prince Howell, Jr. who was born on August 1.

Police released a statement confirming that the newborn died from blunt force trauma to the head on Nov. 17. According to court documents little Prince Howell had injuries to other parts of his body which may have further contributed to his death.

Cops were called to the residence at 1100 Studio Apartments, formerly Townview Towers, 1100 Lula Powell Drive, just east of downtown after witnesses called 911 about a woman dangling a baby from the building’s third floor. The witnesses told dispatchers that the woman was dangling her son by the neck as he bled from his mouth on the third floor balcony. Williamson’s arrest report read that the witnesses found the child covered in blood and dead upon entering the apartment.

The infant’s father took the baby from Williamson. Officers arrived to find the father crying and cradling the child outside, according to the warrant. Williamson’s fat ass was found hiding behind window shades according to WVLT.

Knox News reports:

Williamson initially was treated under police guard at the University of Tennessee Medical Center and then transferred to Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute in Chattanooga following the Nov. 17 death of her 3-month-old child, Adrian Howell Jr., according to court records.

Williamson is being held on $100,000 bond at the Knox County Detention Facility. Williamson is set to appear at a preliminary hearing Dec. 5.

What’s going to happen next is that this thing is going to claim insanity citing her visit to the mental health facility. She may do 5-10 years tops and be right back out on the street. Some thirsty ass Black guy is going to have sex with this cow and she’s going to produce yet another child.

The same way legislation is being pushed to further restrict access to firearms from people with mental health issues, legislation needs to be push to bar psychos from procreating. All lives don’t matter to alleged crazies like Williamson.

Furthermore, the number one killer of Black children is not guns, drugs, gangs, cops, or white supremacy. It’s the I-can-do-bad-on-my-own wannbe independent single mothers whose vaginas are like Walmart… open all the time. Stop giving these beasties an excuse. Pound for pound these dimwitted lowlifes are the scourge of the Black community. If there ever is a culling they should be the first to go. Maybe then the rest of the Black race will stand a chance at survival and advancement as a whole. Until that time comes however, the only education and life skills these insipid beings will obtain will be from the hood and mainstream crap music. The world is better off without them.

Lock Her Up!

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