Amazon Driver Caught Defecating on Man’s Driveway

Just when you think you’ve seen it all this Black woman decides to ante up on the dumb crap (no pun intended) people do. In a story out of California, a homeowner had a shitty day after coming home from work to a steaming pile of what he thought was dog crap. The homeowner, Nemy Bautista, came home to find an unexpected package from Amazon.

Initially, Bautista thought it was a neighborhood mutt that left the smelly gift but after reviewing his surveillance footage, he was unpleasantly surprised. In the footage was a Black female delivery driver squatting on the passenger side of the truck. The woman stands up after a squeezing out a steamer and pulls up her pants. She quickly walks around to the driver side of the van and hops in. The video ends just as the delivery woman starts to pull off.

Bautista, incensed about what he witnessed, contacted Amazon via their Facebook page posting the picture captioning, “ Why is your driver squatting in-front of my house? Let me give you a hint … he/she is not tying their shoes. I have it on video!”

According to the local news station KBET, the driver’s supervisor came out to the property after the complaint. “He was in shock when we saw the size of it,” Bautista said. “He ended up scooping it up with a plastic bag, but didn’t want to take it with him ― it smelled really bad.”

He added, “I also had to hose down the gutter/sidewalk area after [the supervisor] left.”

Bautista told CBS News that the garbage can that the turd was placed in would smell for several days.

According to a spokesperson from Amazon, the majority of packages this holiday season are being delivered without incident. The company, although not directly at fault, rushed to make things right with Bautista. Amazon released a statement saying:

This does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery service providers. This individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages and we’re in direct communication with the customer.

Bautista was given a gift card from the retail giant for dealing with the crappy customer service by the Black woman. While it worked to appease him, Bautista still voiced his concern for others who had packages delivered by the driver. The driver certainly didn’t wipe or wash her hands after going number 2.

Way to go Black woman. Proving once again your level of customer service leaves little to be desired.

What do you think should happen to the driver? Should her ass be fired? Does she need to undergo more training? Do Black women provide the poorest level of customer service? You be the judge.

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