Foot-Dragging Black Mom Leaves Son Behind After Shoplifting a Pair of Shoes

Foot-Dragging Black Mom Leaves Son Behind After Shoplifting a Pair of Shoes
Debrina Scott

Black mothers are on a roll this holiday season grinching out and not caring who is affected. Contrary to Jesse Williams’ assertion that ALL Black women put the needs of others before themselves and are magic, the latest rash of incidents prove that outward validation comes first to them. In the latest incident of Black negligence and piss poor parenting, Debrina Scott has been arrested after running from security after shoplifting a pair of shoes and leaving her son behind.

*Sidebar* If you condone bringing your child along while intentionally going to commit a crime, you’re just as bad as she is and your comments fall on deaf ears.

Back to the task at hand. This hood queen from Chickasaw, Al. left her little boy behind after a five finger grab from the Shoe Station on Hillcrest Road. Scott apparently was so hard up on some kicks that she felt compelled to steal some new shoes. She pleaded guilty to the crime Thursday.

Foot-Dragging Black Mom Leaves Son Behind After Shoplifting a Pair of Shoes
Debrina Scott

A surveillance camera caught the 24-year-old mother racing out of the store in August as her son and security officers chased after her. (She didn’t even warn her son to run or to wait outside. Wonderful parenting huh?!?!) The video shows Scott running for the door with a pair of stolen shoes in hand. Her son races after her and is nearly knocked over by security guards who were pursuing his wonderful mom who loved him so much. One of the guards pick up the young boy to avoid getting hit by a car and tries to catch up to Scott in the parking lot but by then she is long gone.

“At that particular moment I was concerned more about the welfare of that little boy,” said the guard, Earl Weathersby. “I just couldn’t live with myself if that girl had gotten caught and the kid had gotten hit.”

One witness to the grab-and-dash told reporters that security chased the woman through the parking lot. During that chase, the child was almost hit by a passing car according to police. Scott reportedly hopped into a car and took off without her little prince. She later returned thinking everything was all good to retrieve her seed. Instead of her son, a pair of steel bracelets awaited her while DHR took custody of her son.

Great job, mom!

Scott pleaded guilty to theft and endangering the welfare of a child. Fortunately for her, the justice system showed leniency only sentencing her to one year probation. She was also ordered to take parenting classes, since of course the notion is Black mothers are the best because they’ve been raising massa’s kids for hundreds of years. She was also banned from ALL Shoe Station stores. Reports did not indicate if the child has been returned to her.

A look at Scott’s Facebook page shows the typical Black chick posturing about being well off and not needing a man. Ass shots galore reveal the mindset of this goddess who doesn’t need anything. Indeed she doesn’t if she’s able to go and steal whatever she wants.

Most Black readers would condemn this article while giving this woman a pass. That is your typical American Black. Others of African descent who have not been indoctrinated by the poison of the American Black see the stupidity for what it is and understand that the mother’s actions, not this article, reflects poorly on the Black community as a whole.

As can be seen by Scott’s mugshot, her hair, which is not all hers, is done. Why is it that most Black women who get caught up in illicit activities have their “hair did”? Unless they stole their hair, these women are able to purchase hair and pay for someone to spend hours sewing, gluing, and braiding it into their heads but are unable to prioritize buying necessities. Instead they resort to stealing and robbing and scamming. No Black women aren’t the only ones out here stealing but they are the only ones doing so with a fresh head of someone else’s hair.

And you can #RunTellDat.

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