Ghetto Queens Arrested in Black Friday Shoplifting Spree

Ghetto Queens Arrested in Black Friday Shoplifting Spree
Ghetto Queens Arrested in Black Friday Shoplifting Spree

Civilized society has had enough of these ghetto welfare queens and their victim mentality. Instead of taking control of their lives and working to better position themselves, these hoodrat “Black Lives Matter” only when a white person kills a Black person savage life chicks continue to suckle at the teet of their own inadequacy while blaming White supremacy. So victimized are these queens of the hood, no matter what they do, it’s heralded as the greatest thing since slice bread. In the latest case of the Black woman is God, four Black goddesses were arrested over the weekend for a $29,000 Black Friday shoplifting spree. Considering that it’s Black Friday, they must have assumed it’s a holiday centered around their simple selves and they decided to make the most of it.

Story goes, that these queens were trying to cash in on a five finger discount at a Virginia mall over the weekend when Fairfax County Police Department caught a whiff of their stench. A unit specializing in preventing holiday theft stumbled across the quartet after lifting over $29,000 in merch from 13 department stores at Tysons Corner Center.

Ghetto Black queens: Glenis Brown, Aleisha Greenwood, Latasha Lawson, and Stephanie Winter came down from New York as part of a larger shoplifting ring that is believed to be national in scope. They are all facing multiple felony charges which of course does nothing to deter the typical ratchet Black chick.

The Christmas Anti-Theft Team posted on social media:

Every year around the holidays officers from our CATT hit area malls looking for thieves and other criminal activity. Over the 2016 holiday season, our team collectively recovered over $315,000 in stolen property and seized assets. Our teams are already off to another strong start this season with the CATT at Tysons Corner Center arresting four women from New York over the weekend who had over $29,000 in fraudulently obtained property from at least 13 different stores in their possession. These crimes lead to 23 felony charges and three misdemeanor charges. Further investigation revealed these women are part of an organized retail crime group hitting stores across the country.

Our uniformed and plain clothes teams are relentlessly roaming Tysons Corner Center, Tysons Galleria, Fair Oaks Mall and the Springfield Town Center trying to catch those deceiving our retailers. Last year, a team of 23 officers working in the McLean area arrested 194 people for nearly 500 criminal offenses, primarily in the Tysons Corner area. The amount of stolen property recovered from their operations totaled around $110,000. The Fair Oaks CATT recovered over $100,000 in merchandise and cash during the 2016 holiday season. In our Franconia District there were 573 arrests. The team was able to recover $39,000 in stolen merchandise, as well as $68,925 in seized money and vehicles.

Our Christmas Anti-Theft Teams are already busy again this year ensuring a safe shopping environment so everyone can have a happy holiday season.

No pity should be felt for these four ghetto queens. If they just so happen to get shot while committing these acts will Black people cry out “No Justice No Peace” or will Black people hold their own accountable and tell them what time it is? These hoes, despite being on government assistance and having their hair on fleek and shit, had no better option than to rob from other people. Is this what it means to be Black in America?

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