Brooklyn College Banishes NYPD to Campus Outskirts

Brooklyn College Kicks NYPD off Campus

Brooklyn College NYPD
Brooklyn College Banishes NYPD to Campus Outskirts

Brooklyn College has banished the NYPD to the campus outskirts advising them the restrooms on campus are off limits. Instead, the officers have to use the rundown dilapidated restrooms on the edges of campus. This notice comes on the heels of a student-led petition to ban the NYPD from campus.

The officers still can use the restrooms according to the public safety officer, David Wenz. The college just prefers that officers use the restrooms in the West End Building. This would keep officers from “walking across either quad to use the bathroom” he told the The Excelsior.

Witness accounts of the “West End Building’s” bathrooms tell a tale of neglect. The men’s room on the first floor has a stall that dons an “OUT OF ORDER” sign. The filthy stained toilet in the stall is broken. Soap and toilet paper are nonexistent.

A student only identified as Abe tells the New York Post, “The bathroom is horrendous. You can only wash your hands in one of the sinks because the other two are broken.”

Another student is petitioning Brooklyn College’s president saying that students don’t want the officers on campus. The students strongly feel the police officers are should not be on campus “in any respect even if it’s just to take breaks and use bathroom.”

“I know students from every background and across every major,” said the petition author. “They don’t feel comfortable around cops. They just don’t. It makes safe spaces feel not so safe.”

Student body president, Nissim Said, asserts the sentiments on campus stems from an NYPD operation to root out Islamic terrorists on campus.

New York’s finest quickly responded with one cop calling students “insane”. According to the officer, “protester culture is warping their fucking minds.” A second officer added, “it’s not like we’re invading their campus…we’re only going there to use the bathroom.”

Once again police officers do not see how they contribute to their own hate. Rather than accept and acknowledge fault, police officers continue to play the role of the victim. “Bad apples” are few and far in between. Police involved shootings turn out to be just isolated incidents. The corrupt police officer is still relegated to the big screen while life imitates art.

Brooklyn College media relations manager, Ernesto Mora writes the college approaches traffic enforcement agents, sanitation workers, and other public servants the same way.