#BlueOnBlueCrime: Minnesota Sheriff’s Deputy Pleads Guilty to Stalking Agents Who Were Investigating Him

Former Roseau County Sheriff’s Deputy Joshua McGurran Olson, 36, plead guilty Thursday to stalking two Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agents who were investigating him in 2016 for shooting up a cabin in Roseau in a argument over access to a road. The former deputy was arrested April 5th in Clearwater County and accused of harassing and defaming the two agents. On April 19th, Olson was charged with the felony in Beltrami County.

The criminal complaint alleges that Olson began stalking the agents after they began their 2016 investigation into him. Olson was convicted with a felony and lost his peace officer job. According to the complaint, Olson faulted the BCA agents and harbored resentment towards them.

The West Central Tribune reported:

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension began investigating the 34-year-old on March 2 after a man reported his hunting cabin in rural Roseau County had been damaged when someone fired numerous .223 caliber rounds into it, according to a complaint.

The cabin owner told law enforcement he suspected Olson did it because they previously had a disagreement about “Olson’s hunting party trespassing on his property” last fall.

Olson was questioned and “eventually admitted shooting up” the man’s cabin and destroying the firearm by placing it in an outdoor woodstove, according to the complaint. He turned over charred fragments and the barrel of the gun to law enforcement.

The cost to repair the cabin is $2,960, and the firearm replacement cost is between $600 and $800.

Olson allegedly posted fliers around Roseau claiming that one of the agents was a sex offender who was wanted by authorities. That agent also received letters at home and at work criticizing his appearance. Olson also sent disturbing and troubling text messages to the agents’ spouses inferring that they were being watched, that they should “make sure the kids are safe” and that the agents should be “eliminated”.

On April 5th, one of the agent’s son was home when gunfire erupted. According to the son and a friend, a blue Chevrolet Trailblazer was seen driving down the road and they called police.

Olson was found at his father’s home in Clearwater County and according to law enforcement his blue Trailblazer was parked out front. Police surrounded the home and after an hour of negotiations Olson surrendered to authorities.

Olson is due back in court December 8th.

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