“You’re Having Babies & You’re Probably on Welfare”; Mall Rent-A-Cop Calls Woman W/ Baby an “Illegal”

A Security guard was caught on camera calling an alleged female panhandler with a baby in her arms “illegal” outside the Grove Shopping Center Target store in San Diego. The store is located at , 3424 College Ave.

One woman attempts to help the alleged panhandler and calls the security guard “a fat motherf_cker”. Another woman, Sonia Serrano Zavala records the incident and then posts the video on her Facebook account, which went viral.

The alleged woman recently panhandling could actually be another gypsy from Romania, which a pregnant gypsy woman that spoke Spanish, English and Romanian made the news three years ago in the local area for asking people for money and then seen driving off in a Mercedes-Benz and living at a condominium.

Some panhandlers with the skill to beg do make more than $500 per day. In many cities panhandling is illegal, but people do continue to give money to them.

The security guard made reference to her being on YouTube. Apparently, the gypsy woman told the guard that she doesn’t have an ID. But, she is usually accompanied by a child and her husband who wait in the distance. Various news reports about the panhandling couple have gone viral as well.

A Target representative confirmed to Hispanic News Network U.S.A. on Monday that the security guard involved in this incident is a Grove Shopping Mall guard and not a Target team member.

Editor’s note: Since this article was published, Sonia Serrano Zavala has since deactivated her Facebook account.