Petty Cops Arrest Owner of Truck Bearing “F*** Trump” Decal

Apparently cops succeeded in finding the owner of a truck bearing a “F (expletive) Trump and f (expletive) you for voting for him” sticker and arrested the owner. The claim by police… the owner had an outstanding warrant out of Rosenberg.

Karen Fonseca, the truck’s owner, had an outstanding warrant from August on charges of fraud. The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office reportedly received a tip about the warrant according to their spokesman.

What really occurred however, is that after officers found out who the owner of the truck was with the help of social media, an immediate background check was done and the “tip” police received was just a hit in their criminal records check database. In retaliatory fashion after being dogged by everyone from cyber activists to citizen journalists, police attempted to silence her voice through coercion.

Mike Fonseca, Karen’s husband, said that his wife was arrested at their Stafford home in front of their 6-year-old daughter. The husband questions the timing of the arrest noting that there is no such thing as a coincidence.

“I think it’s the sticker,” Mike Fonseca said outside the Fort Bend County Jail.

The sticker went viral this past week after the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook that they were looking for the owner of the vehicle.

“I have received numerous calls regarding the offensive display on this truck as it is often seen along FM 359,” Sheriff Troy Nehls wrote on a now deleted Facebook post. “If you know who owns this truck or it is yours, I would like to discuss it with you.”

“Our prosecutor has informed us she would accept disorderly conduct charges regarding it, but I feel we could come to an agreement regarding a modification to it,” he wrote.

The post was removed once Fonseca was identified as the truck’s owner. (Does the deletion of the post count as a records violation?)

Nehls commented that their post did exactly what it was intended to do and that was to garner information on the owner of the truck displaying the profane language towards the commander-in-chief and all who helped vote him into office.

Sheriff Troy Nehls said, “The Facebook post accomplished its objective and now we know who owns the truck.” Nehls doubled-down saying he had no regrets for the Facebook post.

Fonseca told ABC13 that she placed the sticker on the truck almost one year ago to voice her disapproval with Trump and his performance. She said that her family was expressing their First Amendment right and saw no reason to remove the obscene sticker. Fonseca stated that she would have no problem speaking with the sheriff but could not believe that they were having a difficult time tracking her down.

As for the sticker, Fonseca had this to say:

“It makes people happy. They smile. They stop you. They want to shake your hand.”

The ACLU has responded to the sheriff’s post stating that “No Sheriff Nehls, you can’t prosecute speech just because it contains words you don’t like.”

So the sheriff is finding a workaround to put the squeeze on Fonseca.

Dig enough dirt and you might reach China.

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