West Virginia Cop Fired After 18 Months of Paid Vacation

Sgt. Timothy Jarrell has finally been released by the Nitro Police Dept after spending the last 18 months on paid vacation. Jarrell was on paid administrative leave stemming from a battery case where he is accused of placing a man in a chokehold and strangling him unconscious without justification. Jarrell then turned around and said in a statement that the man was being physically non-compliant.

The 12-year-veteran was indicted in January on charges of battery and lying about the incident.

According to the indictment, on May 8, 2016, Jarrell “did unlawfully and intentionally make physical contact with force capable of causing physical pain and injury to the person of Jared Hester, and did unlawfully and intentionally cause physical pain and injury to Jared Hester.”

Documents also state that he swore falsely on a criminal complaint filed in Nitro Municipal Court. The complaint stated, “When (Jared Hester) was told he was being placed under arrest, the accused (Jared Hester) became physically non-compliant. After a brief scuffle, the accused was restrained and taken into custody,” which was then and there false and known to Jarrell to be false, the indictment read.

Nitro Police Chief Bobby Eggleston tells media outlets that Sgt. Timothy Jarrell was served a termination letter for a violation of department policy and procedure.

During his 18 month vacation, Jarrell was paid $75,000. His trial is set for Dec. 4 and he is still being paid pending the outcome of the trial.┬áNitro Police Chief Bobby Eggleton said its not fair that Jarrell is still collecting a check and that it wasn’t fair to the people of Nitro as well as the other police officers.

“Everybody has a right to due process but let’s bring this due process through fruition. Let’s go ahead and get it done. Eighteen months of paid administrative leave is not only not fair to the citizens and the department, but it’s not fair to him, I don’t think. I think people need closure. They need to get things moving. If the due process works, let’s go ahead and get it done,” Eggleton said.

Jarrell appeared in magistrate court Wednesday for a pre-trial hearing. Magistrate Mike Sisson denied a motion by the defense to dismiss the indictment.

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