Two Officers Fired After Leaving Voicemail on Mother’s Phone Wishing Her Daughter ‘Would Get Raped’

Police are here to protect and serve their own interests and rarely do they give a monkey’s uncle about what it means to be a “peace officer.” That is becoming more and more apparent as the rare “bad apple” continues to infect the rest. The whole institution of policing needs to be overhauled but police reform will never happen as long as citizens remain complacent about rogue police actions until it affects them.

In a story from across the pond, two officers are without a job after accidentally leaving a message on a mother’s voicemail hoping that her daughter would get raped. The two officers from Avon and Somerset were responding to an incident involving the child when one of the officers decided to call the mother for more information. The mother didn’t pick up the call and the voicemail switched on.

Instead of realizing that the voicemail picked up and hanging up the phone, the officers continued to have a conversation with the voicemail picking up every word. During the course of the conversation the police officers are overheard laughing and saying that they hoped the child “would get raped.”

The officers, Samuel Dexter and Hannah Mayo, both admitted to gross misconduct and swiftly fired without a hearing.

According to Chief Constable Andy Marsh, the officers’ actions broke the trust the child’s family had with police. “Those comments, which I accept were out of character and said with flippancy, risk damaging the confidence of the wider community in the police profession as a whole,” he said.

“They go way beyond the boundaries that could be described as ‘dark humour’. I cannot accept that the comments were a mistake, they were far more serious than that, and the people we serve will be appalled to hear that police officers spoke in such a way about a child.”

Chief Inspector Mark Edgington, of the Professional Standards Department at Avon and Somerset Police, said: “Both officers used appalling and horrific language about a vulnerable missing child and their family.

“There are no excuses for their behaviour and their actions are not reflective of our force or the officers and staff who work extremely hard every day to safeguard and protect vulnerable people.

“The officers failed to treat the child and their family with respect and undermined public confidence in the force.”

According to reports, Dexter responded to an earlier call involving the child when she was reported missing. The child was found but police were called out again by the mother telling them that the child was causing trouble at home.

It is on Dexter’s return trip to the home that the officers’ conversation about the child was recorded. In a transcript which referred to the child as “X” Dexter said, “X was like and you can’t stop me and walked out the door and I was like whatever. I felt like saying I don’t give a f*** I hope you get raped.”

In the recording, Mayo is heard replying, “yes… and get butt raped” followed by laughter from both officers.

Dexter told the Daily Mail, “I still to this day can’t believe it was me who said those things. I am deeply sorry for the comments I made – I never intended the upset caused to the family.”

Mayo said, “I have thought about this incident every day since. I’m so disappointed in myself.”

It’s commendable that the chief was able to remove these officers from his force in such a swift manner.

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