Texas Cop ‘Flipped Off’ Car Full of Teens After Killing Jordan Edwards

The Texas cop that shot into a car full of teens killing Jordan Edwards earlier this year flipped off the car after doing so according to court documents. Balch Springs police officer, Roy Oliver, is charged with murder in the death of Jordan Edwards as well as four counts of aggravated assault by a public servant in the April 29th shooting.

The initial police narrative of the events that fateful evening stated that the “Impala was aggressively reversing toward Oliver and Officer Tyler Gross forcing Oliver to fire his rifle into the vehicle. The official story would have remained had it not been for body cam footage refuting officers’ claims.

After the release of the footage, Oliver was fired from the Balch Springs Police Department and arrested in May. In July, Oliver was indicted on the murder charge while Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson said it “was not a political statement.”

“Hopefully, it is a message we are sending to the bad police officers: ‘If you do wrong, we will prosecute you,’ ” she said.

Court documents revealed that Oliver displayed a pattern of questionable and reckless behavior. The documents revealed that when Oliver was in middle school he was part of a group called “Caucasians in Effect”, a white power group. He reportedly carried a stun gun and a knife, “posted swastikas in public places and hated anyone who was not caucasian,” the record says.

The court documents further revealed that in 2011 Oliver took a psychological exam as part of the application process for a law enforcement position he was applying for. The results of the exam revealed an “elevated score” on the “risk-taking index.”

“He may not care what others think of him or of his behavior,” the exam found. “He may feel so insensitive to threat that his judgment may be impaired in evaluating the risk of danger.”

The exam further revealed a sense of entitlement by Oliver “so strong that the possibility of his behaving in an antisocial manner must be considered.”

During a court proceeding in 2013, Oliver was uncooperative and used profanity according to court records. “I don’t understand the [expletive] question. What was that again?” he said while testifying.

Just a few short weeks before Oliver killed Jordan Edwards, Oliver was involved in another situation while acting in his capacity as a “peace officer”. Oliver allegedly pulled a gun on a woman and her friend after a minor car accident in Dallas. The woman’s 13-year-old sister was also in the car at the time.

Dallas police were slow to respond to the road rage incident and did not file any charges in that incident until AFTER Oliver killed Edwards. Oliver is facing two counts of aggravated assault by a public servant in this case.

Oliver displayed characteristics that prove to be a liability to law enforcement. All these things that were revealed in the court documents were not new to police and that events that have transpired could have been avoided had police properly vetted Oliver.

“Had Dallas taken some action on that particular night when they knew that this officer placed a gun to someone’s head, Jordan would be with us here today,” said attorney Daryl Washington after Oliver was indicted on the murder charge.

Oliver is set to go to trial on the murder charge first and it is scheduled for January 22nd. If convicted he faces up to life in prison on all seven felony charges against him.

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