City Attorney in Florida in Fear for His Life in Attempts to Dismantle Blue Code of Silence; Claims Possible Assassination by ‘Bad Apple’ Cops

The Blue Code of Silence or Blue Shield is being threatened by one Florida city attorney looking to dismantle and prosecute the rare bad apples that infiltrate an otherwise incorruptible profession. The latest threat to the code comes in the form of Fort Myers City Attorney Grant Alley.

Alley is in fear for his safety as well as that of his family due to his efforts in bringing police misconduct and corruption to the public eye. Alley fears that he will be shot by members of the Fort Myers Police Department (FMPD). Alley relayed these fears to investigators who were looking into allegations that Alley was unprofessional and aggressive when dealing with staff members.

The investigators drew up a report finding that there was some merit to Alley’s fears. The report, commissioned by the Fort Myers City Council, read, “Mr. Alley stated that there is a ‘conspiracy’ and ‘organized effort’ that ‘originated with certain members of the police department that protect malfeasance and silence the forces needed to correct it.” The report, produced by Coleman, Hazzard, Taylor & Diaz Law Firm, added that there were other unresolved issues not related to Alley’s safety as well.

The investigators held two public meetings with the city council where they stressed to the members that Alley’s concerns deserved further investigation.

The recent turn of events stem from an incident in October where it was reported that FMPD cops tipped off drug dealers about pending search warrants. Alley investigated the report and found it credible.

As for the allegations that Alley was unprofessional and aggressive with staff, the report found that Alley was a “skilled and knowledgeable lawyer and dedicated public servant” but he also “routinely engages in inappropriate conduct” towards staff, that he “has an overly dictatorial management style” and that he “inappropriately reprimands” his staff members, while in most cases remaining relatively unavailable when they have concerns and issues to address.

The report and investigation cost the city $130,000 according to Law Newz.

One commenter noted that the “city attorney isn’t even Black and he’s in fear for his life”. Seeing as how even city officials aren’t safe when it comes to shining the light on police corruption, it’s no wonder everyday citizens and residents maintain some hesitation and have reservations when it comes to interaction with law enforcement. Police may not be well versed in the law itself but they are well versed in intimidation of those they prey upon.