Dallas ‘Black Identity Extremist’ Caught Outside White House; Wanted to ‘Kill all White Police’

A Black man from Dallas was arrested by Secret Service agents outside the White House Monday afternoon after receiving a tip to be on the lookout for his presence. Black Identity Extremist, Michael Arega, is a religious kook who felt that God called him to rid the nation of his perceived greatest evil, President Donald J. Trump.

According to initial news reports, Arega travelled from Dallas to Washington for the sole purpose of killing “all White police” at the White House. His plan was foiled by Montgomery County Maryland Police Department who notified the Secret Service to be on high alert. Once the call was received, the Secret Service immediately fanned out and began scouring the grounds for Arega.

Around 4:05PM, Secret Service agents laid eyes on Arega on the north side of Pennsylvania Ave near Lafayette Park. Arega was immediately detained by the Secret Service agents and he was formally arrested without incident.

Hours before his arrest, Arega shared  a post from the Daily Wire on Facebook of the POTUS holding a longrifle headlined “Fortunately Someone Else Had a Gun…” referencing Trump’s response to the Sutherland Springs church shooting. Arega captioned the picture “Kill Him (sic) in JESUS NAME!!” Ironically just a week before, Arega was singing praises to Trump in a post where he said, “True and real news. May God bless our President Donald Trump.”

According to Heavy:

After sending his threat to “kill all white police,” Arega also wrote, “Our world should be free from this guy and we will be free in Jesus name.” Another message wrote, “I dismantle the power of darkness in the powerful name of Jesus Christ from USA land.” While Arega also said, “I remove the power of darkness from USA in the powerful name of Jesus Christ.”

At the time of Arega’s arrest he was reportedly unarmed. The Secret Service said, “Secret Service personnel at the White House immediately increased their posture of readiness and began searching for Arega.” Arega was charged with making felony threats.

18699860_1717085701640296_7711174044689461326_nIt is too early to say what exactly radicalized Arega. His Facebook page is filled with references to the Christian faith as well as photos of him and a child believed to be his son. In other photos he’s with a second child believed to be his daughter.

Arega is listed as a quality control inspector at Alpha Testing, a construction company, on his Facebook page while online records show that he also runs his own construction business called Rehoboth Concrete Construction. In describing the job, Arega refers to himself as the “king”.

Arega’s travel history on Facebook show that Arega last travelled to DC back in 2013. In that same year, Arega travelled to Dubai, Philadelphia, and New York City.

What seems odd about the incident is that Arega was unarmed. Officials found no weapons on his person and he did not put up a struggle. Hours before being picked up Secret Service police, Arega posted, “Now i (sic) am going to there to white House make sure kill All white POLICE.”

It seems more like Arega manipulated the power of social media to gain attention and had no plans or preparations to kill the White cops or the POTUS.

Is this the beginning of the war on BIE? Will Arega be the catalyst that draws the line in the sand?

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