Black Queen Kills 4-Year-Old Daughter, Stuffs Her in Dumpster for Talking Back

Update #1 (1:26 PM): The child’s father has been mentioned and he is a Miami Beach police officer by the name of Leon Paige.

Update #2 (2:35 PM): The second child in the home was a boy whose age and relation to Leon Paige has not been established.


As a a child growing up we’ve all heard that saying from Black parents, “I brought you into this world and I can take you out.” Well in a story coming out of Homestead, Fl. (30 minutes south of Miami) one Black queen decided to prove it.

Pictured above is Nubian goddess, Tina Farrington. Farrington is 31-years-old with reportedly two kids. As of Halloween that number became one.

The story goes that a man was taking out the trash at Tuscany Place Apartments when he happened across the body of a little girl found in the dumpster. That man told another woman who was on the scene to call 911. They both saw little Tania Page’s body, still wrapped in a Disney blanket wearing her pajamas.

Initially, police had no leads as to how the girl ended up in the dumpster but foul play was suspected. Police were baffled and had trouble identifying the little girl. There were no reports of missing children and there were no calls from concerned parents.

Ultimately an investigation led police to Farrington’s door. This old crusty looking she-wolf confessed to the murder of her OWN 4-year-old daughter. According to CBS News, Farrington gave police a full detailed confession.

CBS News reports:

According to her arrest report, Farrington was at home with her two kids, including Tania, and became upset after she said Tania spoke back to her on Halloween night.

Farrington reportedly told police she lured Tania and the other child into her room where she suffocated Tania with a pillow.

She then hid Tania’s remains in the trunk of her 2013 Nissan Altima for several days before dumping her body in a dumpster at the Tuscany Place apartments, at SW 254th Street and 137th Avenue, on Sunday around 1 a.m., according to the police report.

That is when the unidentified man stumbled across Paige’s body.

Indira Blanco, the woman that called police, said “Every time I close my eyes I can see her face.” The man that discovered the body asked her to confirm if she was dead or alive so she could do CPR if in fact the girl was still alive.

“I said okay let me see. When I opened the blanket, I said no, she was dead,” said Blanco.

Another resident living at the complex believes she saw Farrington disposing of the girl’s body.

“She backed up her car and everything and I was like that’s weird that she’s backing up her car to throw away garbage,” Dahriana Correa said.

According to witness testimony and police accounts, Paige suffered more than just suffocation by pillow at the hands of her selfless mother Farrington. It was noted that Paige’s body had bruises on her legs, arms, and torso. According to Blanco, it appeared that Paige’s face was badly beaten and crushed.

When police arrested Farrington and took her into custody, residents said that Farrington appeared calm as if nothing had ever happened.

“All the sudden you could see her coming down the stairs handcuffed, but she was like okay, like if nothing was happening, like no remorse whatsoever,” said Correa.

As is typical in cases involving Black mothers and their children, no mention of a father is made. He could be in jail, dead, or living a much better life with a better choice of mate. Who knows? What we do know is that Farrington is a cold heartless beast and deserves the chair. She’s earned the lethal injection. She has overstayed her welcome in White society. The terminatrix has struck again and continues to show no mercy, pity, or remorse.

News outlets have failed to indicate what will become of the other child and whether it is a boy or girl. If this child becomes a ward of the state than prison labor will continue to have an endless supply of workers for years to come.

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