Black Goddess Ties Plastic Bag Over 2-Year-Old Daughter’s Head; Sends Pic to Mother-in-Law

Ms. Dark & Lovely. Queridea Young, 24. tied a brown plastic bag over her 2-year-old daughter’s head and took a picture. This wonderful act of Black parenting has landed Young behind bars in North College Hill, OH. She faced the judge back in October and according to the court records, Young sent that picture to the baby daddy’s momma, Venus White.

In the message sent to White, Young included in the picture a message stating that she left the brown plastic bag on the girl’s head for 30 minutes.

After receiving the picture message, White called police and notified them of the photo that was received. According to White, despite the disgusting and troubling picture message, Young was a good mother and the crime committed was “out of character” for Young.

“She’s a good mom. She’s not a bad mother,” said White.

White thinks that Young had a mental breakdown but there is no indication of pre-existing mental condition. White hoped that Young would get help for her condition.

The incident occurred at the 1600 block of West Galbraith Road. Young was booked into Hamilton County Jail on child endangerment charges. The judge set her bond at $25,000 and ordered an electronic monitoring bracelet upon her release.

Mainstream news conveniently remembers to leave out any mention of the baby’s father. Young sent a picture message to the baby daddy’s mom but absent is the baby daddy’s feelings on the case. Is he an absent father? Is he incarcerated? Why does this Black mom feel comfortable enough to send a picture message to the baby father’s mom and not mention the baby father?

What do you think? Does the punishment fit the crime?

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