Texas Judge Indicted on Felony Weapons Charges Following Road Rage Incident

District Judge Guy Williams, 67, is taking in the view from the other side of the bench after being indicted on two second-degree felony counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The charges stem from a road rage incident involving the judge back in April of this year.

“How would you like to plea, guilty or not guilty?” asked Sid Harle, a judge from Bexar County who was assigned to preside over the case.

“Not guilty, your honor,” Williams replied.

Williams is being accused of attempting to run a motorist off the road while pointing a gun at the occupants of the car on April 28th.

Williams has been involved with a couple other road rage incidents which all have been settled without any court appearance or charges. Two of the incidents, one in 2013 and the other in 2015, Williams claimed to be the victim and was a “very courteous driver”.

The Caller Times reports:

Williams is suing Fulton Construction and its owner, Phillip Skrobarczyk, over an incident from 2015, when Williams’ Mercedes allegedly struck another vehicle that Skrobarczyk was driving. Williams claims that Skrobarczyk hit him.

The incident happened around Mexico and Antelope streets. According to a police report, Skrobarczyk and several others who were riding with him, told police they saw a white Mercedes driving in an access road “(swerve) across the two lanes at a high rate of speed and turned onto Mexico (Street), striking their vehicle.”

The car’s occupants and Williams filed separate police reports.

In the most recent incident involving Williams, a female called 911 on April 28. The caller indicated that the driver of a Mercedes attempted to run her off the road. Corpus Christi police responded to the call and Williams claimed he did nothing wrong.

The Corpus Christi PD referred the case to the Texas Rangers for investigation to avoid any conflicts in interest. The Nueces County District Attorney’s office referred the case to the Attorney General’s office.

The judge’s bond was set at $25,000 which was posted by his attorneys the same day.

One condition of the judge’s bond required that he hand in all of his firearms. The duge argued that he received many threats on his life and that of his family and needed a weapon at his home. The judge denied his plea and stated that police officers were available in the event that he would need it.

“Y’all are going to require that I give up all my firearms, even in my household?” Williams asked of the court.

“Yes sir. That’s a standard condition of bond here, that’s what they tell us,” Harle replied.

“Well, I’ve had violent threats levied against me, so y’all are leaving me at home without protection,” Williams said.

Back in August, Williams resigned from his post as the presiding judge for the local Council of District Judges. Williams did not offer a reason for his resignation but many speculate that his road rage incidents, including the most recent one, have something to do with it.

Williams’ excuse for his road rage incidents reek with entitlement claiming that people are hating on him because of his white Mercedes.

“People don’t like a Mercedes zipping past them, I don’t think,” Williams told the Caller-Times in May. “Ever since I got that white Mercedes I’ve noticed people don’t like people driving a white Mercedes.”

Williams says he bought the Mercedes as a reward for himself for taking the bench back in 2011.

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