Mom Gets Slap on the Wrist in Death of 4-Year-Old Daughter

20-year-old Lucy Gunter was facing a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison in connection with the death of her four-year-old daughter, Natalise Kayla Gunter but ended up getting a slap on the wrist through a plea deal she accepted from the DA’s office. Gunter is accused of not seeking medical help for her dying daughter after she was beaten by Gunter’s live-in boyfriend, Najuquan Ross, also 20.

The prosecution agreed to a sentence of just probation for Gunter in exchange for her testimony against Ross. Gunter accepted the plea deal on Oct. 11th while admitting to a charge of child endangerment.

Per the court documents, Gunter told police that Ross beat Natalise on Saturday for not eating. Gunter was allegedly at work at the time but upon reaching home she found her daughter missing a tooth and had cuts and bruises on her face.

Gunter did not seek any medical attention for her daughter and did not mention what excuse was given as to why she denied seeking care for her child. Over the next couple days, she observed her daughter’s decreasing appetite and increasing sleep habit. It wasn’t until her daughter stopped responding altogether did Gunter diall 911.

“You failed to take N.G. to the hospital, right?” asked Justin Moore, Gunter’s attorney, in court. “You failed to give N.G. any other medical attention for a period of a couple days, right?”

“Yes,” Gunter replied back.

Ross was charged in the death of the girl a month after it occurred. He has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge but records show that Ross has a history of violence. According to Ross’ criminal record, he has an assault conviction from an incident where he attacked his girlfriend with a broom. Add to that, two days after the little girl’s death, Ross assaulted two court officers in the Camden County Hall of Justice when they were attempting to move him from one cell to another to keep him from speaking to Gunter who was occupying a nearby cell. reports that Gunter was released from jail but would have to return to court Dec. 1 for sentencing. Since Gunter agreed to testify against Ross the presiding judge, Frederick J. Schuck and the prosecution agreed that Gunter would receive probation but it would be up to the judge the terms and conditions of the probation.

Gunter has three other kids and at this time it is unclear if the Division of Child Protection and Permanency has removed them from the home.