Registered Nurse, Psychologist, & Family Held at Gunpoint Until Cops Realize Dad Didn’t Rob His Own Home

A psychologist and a registered nurse looked death in the eye Sunday night as police swarmed their vehicle guns drawn. The newlyweds were swiftly handcuffed and their children in the car stared down the barrel of several handguns aimed at them. It was a tense and trying moment for Kelvin Fairley and his wife Natasha Krikorian until police realized their blunder…. the family lived in the house a neighbor thought was being robbed.

Fairley, a registered nurse and owner of the home, was told to get out of the car with his hands up after being pulled over by police. When he asked as to why they pulled him over the officers offered no explanation… just more commands. Fairley was quickly handcuffed and thrown in the back of the patrol car. Had the officers practiced due diligence, a search of the detainee would immediately establish that the man they had in the back of the police car was in fact the owner of the home they were told was being robbed. Police officers however chose not entertain the idea that a Black man was telling the truth. That is how Fairley sees the events from that night.

“I totally think they racially profiled me,” said Fairley. “They never would even tell me why they stopped me. From the moment they pulled us over, there were six to seven police cars. They immediately had their guns drawn.” When Fairley offered to present his identification which would establish his residency officers proceeded with weapons still drawn to terrorize the family.

“They wouldn’t tell me what it was about and they held guns on us, even on the kids. And they told us to shut the f*** up. Why would you hold a gun on kids, drag them out of a car and talk to them like that?”

The couple had four kids in the car, three of which was theirs and one 12-year-old nephew. Fairley’s wife Natasha was also handcuffed during the incident.

After clearing up the confusion, the distraught couple went to the police station to file a complaint on how they had been treated. The officer on duty, Officer Wilder advised the couple to fill out a complaint form which the couple refused. Instead they insisted on speaking with a supervisor about the matter.

According to the Sun Herald News:

Fairley’s sister videotaped the exchange with a police department employee who identified himself as Officer Wilder. Fairley told the officer what had happened, making it clear the family had been terrified.

“Obviously, you don’t understand our business, OK?” Wilder said.

“Your business is to protect us, right?” Fairley asked.

Wilder continued, “Our business is, We don’t know who –”

“To protect us, right?” Fairley asked.

“Oh, Jesus, really?” Wilder said. Wilder explained that police must first determine whether an individual will do them harm before they get the rest of the facts, the video shows.

Wilder soon told Fairley, “Well, obviously, our conversation is not going anywhere. There’s the form. Fill it out.”

“Last night, I would have been OK with an apology,” Fairley said, “but after what happened at the police department, that’s it. My kids are totally distraught.

“They literally cried themselves to sleep last night. That’s something nobody should go through.

“I worked too hard and put myself through school to protect my family so they wouldn’t have to be in situations like that. To be treated like that by people who are paid to protect and serve, that’s ridiculous.”

Due to police inability to hear his complaint and the minimum empathize with what the family just went through, Fairley decided to get an attorney involved. According to Fairley, he is not upset with the neighbor calling police but he is incensed with how police were “doing their job”.

Sgt. Clayton Fulks told news outlets that the department was aware of the grievances of the family but no formal complaint was filed. Fulks said that Fairley walked out of the police department without filing the complaint but because of social media awareness the department was investigating how the family was treated during the incident.