Pothead Cop Arrested for Jacking Weed and Lying About It

Baton Rouge Police Officer Michelle Patterson, 28, was arrested Thursday on allegations that she lied on official police records pertaining to a marijuana investigation she supposedly conducted. Patterson was booked on charges of injuring public records and malfeasance in office.

The arrest is in relation to an incident that occurred back in September. Last month, Patterson was reporting to a call about a woman walking around the Kelly Trace Apartment complex in Baton Rouge showing “everyone” a bag of the devil’s grass. Upon arriving, Patterson encountered the woman who had at the minimum a joint.

Patterson conducted her “investigation” and according to authorities “wrote an accurate and detailed report about what happened”. Patterson is said to have gone back after doing so to amend the paperwork to show that she did not find any marijuana on the woman and that a summons was not given to the woman to appear in court. Police believe that Patterson confiscated the marijuana but purposely did not include that in her final paperwork of the incident that she filed with dispatch.

What gave Patterson away was her newly-issued body camera recording her every move. Officers reviewed the body cam footage and realized the discrepancy and immediately launched an inquiry into Patterson’s investigation.

Patterson was jailed on Oct. 26th right after lunch and held on $1,000 bond.

Police said Patterson has been on the force for two years and is assigned to the patrol unit.  She is on administrative leave.

Do you think she smoked it? Sold it? Or genuinely trying to save someone the hassle of arrest and court and threw out the evidence?