White Teen Assaulted at School for Refusing to Stand for the Pledge of Allegiance

A White teen was recently assaulted at school for choosing not to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

In a video originally posted on Instagram and later shared on FaceBook, Caleb is seen sitting on a chair when another unidentified student kicks the chair out from under Caleb. Caleb’s mother, Christina Gilpin, shared the video on her FaceBook page bringing attention to the polarization and division of a nation hell bent on making America great again.

In the FaceBook post Gilpin says:

So my kid was assaulted at school today because he refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Caleb said the reason for his peaceful protest and civil disobedience is “This country is in a horrible spot and I’m not standing for a country run by a racist, sexist, bigoted, fascist. I’ll pledge again when this country gets its crap together. Also, I sorta wanted to prove a point about trump supporters. The whole mistreatment if anyone who isn’t a rich white/orange guy is part of it.” Caleb has been sitting all year and tried to explain to the other kid that he is not disrespecting soldiers who died for our country, but in fact, practicing the rights those soldiers fought to protect. It’s a strange moment when you receive a video of your child being attacked for his beliefs; part horror part pride.

According to the mother, the attack was planned with a friend of the aggressor filming the encounter. The mother also indicated that there has been a pattern of harassment by the bully in the video saying that Caleb has been threatened by him on multiple occasions.

The school was notified of the situation but has remained mum on the steps taken to resolve the matter. At this time, Gilpin does not know the fate of the student that attacked her son and is waiting to hear through the rumor mill whether that student is still in school or not.

Gilpin has requested a sit down with the principal, teacher, and the other student’s parents but no follow-up action has taken place other than the suspected suspension of the other student.

As for Caleb’s perspective on the matter, Caleb is happy that it happened the way it did. It showed the world exactly how he felt about his convictions and how it further reaffirmed the state of American society in 2017. Th bigoted, sexist, fascist example of the president has trickled down into the schools and empowered future white nationalists, rednecks, hicks, and Nazi’s to spew forth the same divisive trash that preceded the fall of Rome.