News One Report on Black-on-Black Crime Stats Misleads Black Readers into Debunking Black-on-Black Crime Myth

As a Black man living in a post-racial America, where the commander-in-chief is allowed to be blatantly disrespectful and pick fights with anyone he chooses… where any time a person of color brings up any “perceived” racial injustice the first counter is Black-on-Black crime, a need to grasp at straws that fight the mainstream narrative becomes a necessity to keep from giving up all hope. Such is the case when I came across News One’s article “More White Folks Are Victimizing Each Other With Violent Crimes, Contrary To Popular Belief”.

At first glance, as a Black man, the initial thought that crossed my mind was that numbers were going to dispel the notion of Black-on-Black crime being as bad as it made to seem. What I wouldn’t give for a glimmer of light to guide me through the racial storm that roils within. I seized the opportunity to click the link and press in to see what new report and by whom shown a different light on the conundrum.

In the article written by Bruce C. T. Wright, he opens up by stating that one of the many tall tales often shared about Black people was recently debunked by a report published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). As I stated before, the first thing that came to mind was the stats behind Black-on-Black crime.

white-on-white-crimeWright further cements my understanding of the article by saying, “Unlike what seems to be popular opinion, violent Black-on-Black crimes occur far less frequently than how often White criminals victimize other White people.”

So in layman’s terms, the sentence boils down to Wright stating that White-on-White crime is more pervasive than Black-on-Black crime, contrary to what is popular belief about the concept. It is in the next stanza that Wright throws an inconspicuous wrench onto the tracks throwing off the untrained or unsuspecting reader.

He states that “the rate of white-on-white violent crime (12.0 per 1,000) was about four times higher than black-on-white violent crime (3.1 per 1,000),” according to “Race and Hispanic Origin of Victims and Offenders, 2012-2015,” a new report published by the the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) last week.

Wright never goes back into the comparison of White-on-White crime versus Black-on-Black crime opting to piggyback off the media attention following the “anthem” protests by NFL players. In an effort to continue to push the racial narrative, News One and Wright conveniently neglect to mention that while the rate of White-on-White crime is indeed 12.0 per 1,000, according to the very same report, Black-on-Black crime still surpasses that of other races at a rate of 16.5 per 1,000.

If the report sheds any light, it is on the fact that White people are victimizing each other more than Black people are victimizing them debunking the notion that Black people are America’s boogeyman. In fact to reiterate, “white-on-white violent crime (12.0 per 1,000) was about four times higher than black-on-white violent crime (3.1 per 1,000)”.

Wright contradicts his opening thought without bringing back some resolution in fact realizing his error, he pulls the Trump card and commits to the fail and doesn’t look back. In doing so, he misleads the readership, which is predominantly Black, into thinking that more White people are targeting each other than Black people. Stats show that this assessment however is incorrect with Black people still targeting each other at a higher rate.

The only consolation is in the fact that crime on both sides have decreased at similar rates with White-on-White crime going down by 79 percent and Black-on-Black crime going down by 78 percent.