Florida Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested for Having Sex w/ 15-Year-Old

A Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy is singing the jailhouse blues after being arrested Thursday for having sex with a 15-year-old. This is just the latest in a string of police officers caught finagling with young pussy.

The Miami Herald is reporting that 36-year-old Leon Campbell of Lauderhill had sex with the girl multiple times over the span of two years beginning just after the girl’s 15th birthday. His sexcapades with the teen included a whip and putting her in a collar on a leash, over the course of more than two years.

Campbell was charged Thursday with four felony counts of lewd or lascivious battery and one count of sexual activity with a minor. The teen was a niece of one Campbell’s friends according to police documents.
Broward_Deputy_Accused_of_Sexual_Battery_of_TeenPolice began investigating Campbell after the teen’s aunt and grandmother reported the cop to Lauderhill police in May of this year. The teen, who moved in with the aunt in 2015, first met Campbell then per the arrest affidavit.

In a statement by the aunt given to police, the teen and Campbell began spending a curious amount of time together once the girl moved in. This aroused the suspicions of the aunt and intensified it more when she noticed that they were spending an obscene amount of time on the phone together and getting too close. The grandmother’s fears were heightened even she observed Campbell attempting to be slick by touching the girl’s chest at a family under the pretext of checking her temperature.

During the officer’s sexual exploits with the teen he was living with his parents. It is in his parent’s home that the officer would bring the girl and have sex with her on multiple occasions.

At one point the aunt warned the the family friend and sheriff’s deputy of his interactions with her niece. When confronted however, he denied any wrongdoing or illegal behavior with the girl. According to the Miami Herald, the two exchanged hundreds of late night calls while she was still in high school.

In March, the aunt confronted her niece about the suspected relationship and an argument ensued. The girl ended up leaving the house and reportedly spent a couple days at Campbell’s parent’s home. There is no indication at this time that Campbell’s parents were aware of the new squatter. After being gone for several days, the girl’s parents filed a missing person’s report with the Davie Police Department. Campbell did nothing to assuage those fears.

Redacted statements in the arrest affidavit say that the girl allegedly stayed with a friend the first night and then spent the next two days at Campbell’s. During that time, the deputy reportedly “tied her up, spanked her with a whip and put a collar around her neck with a leash attached.”

The teen then moved in with her grandmother.

It was in May that family members knew for sure that a sexual relationship had been established between the sheriff’s deputy and the teen. Campbell admitted to the aunt in a three-way-call that he slept with the teen and apologized. According to Campbell the relationship didn’t start out that way but he had since called it off with the girl “because of his job”.

Lauderhill police’s investigation turned up multiple adult items, including a whip that had traces of DNA that matched that of the girl after conducting a search of Campbell’s home. The investigation also revealed the hundreds of phone calls between the pair.

After Campbell’s arrest by Lauderhill police, he was transferred to Broward County Jail where he is currently being held on $15,000 bond.

“Deputy Leon Campbell’s actions are a reflection of himself and not the hard-working, dedicated men and women of the Broward Sheriff’s Office,” Sheriff Scott Israel said in a statement to the paper.

Campbell had been on the force for a decade according to BSO spokeswoman Gina Carter.