Lying Cop Who Killed Unarmed Man Rehired as Police Academy Instructor

In an earlier story we reported on how former officer Vanessa Miller lied to investigators when she said that she warned Ryan Keith Bolinger to get back before shooting him dead during a traffic stop. In her statement to investigators she said that based upon the look on Bolinger’s face he was intent on causing her harm and although she did not see his hands she was sure that he was armed.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. Video and audio recorded from her very own patrol car showed that she in fact did not issue any warning to Bolinger before firing on him from behind her closed patrol car window June 9, 2015. An internal investigation cleared her of any wrongdoing despite her actions. Furthermore, a grand jury declined to press any charges stating that her actions were justified.

Miller was allowed to resign in June 2016 and despite her story unraveling, she was rehired by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy which provides training for Iowa’s police officers headed by her old boss, Judy Bradshaw. Miller recently left the academy on September 29th and no further information has been provided as to her current employment.

But the damage is done. This officer who was in so much fear for her life killed a man who she had no proof was armed and had nothing to go off but the look on his face. Now this officer was an instructor of other police officers and the example set forth by police brass. She was cleared by her peers but the records of the investigation are being kept under wraps by the city. It’s taken a judge’s orders for the city come up off the records of the investigation which is how her lies and ensuing cover up have been revealed.